How To Choose The Best Cake To Surprise Your Loved One?


Surprises are always fun. Some claim that they do not like surprises; well, let’s get real – their secrets are not out yet. Birthdays, anniversaries, long-distance meetups, farewells and so on. These are the days when people love giving and receiving surprises. With everything that makes someone happy, surprises are indeed exciting. When it comes to surprises, it always has one fun thing that most of us enjoy. Yes, you have guessed it right. Cakes. A universal language of love and happiness. With endless flavours out there in the world of cakes, we always have our favourites. Yet, one of the most challenging decisions in life is finding the perfect one and an online cake delivery service. That indeed might need some help.

I bet you’re one amazing person who has come here for a bit of research, isn’t it? Well, you have come to the right place. Here’s a mini-guide for you to explore the cake world and choose the best one for your partner. 


And yes. Let’s start with the best. Unbeatable, timeless quality and elegance made by the greatest of the creators and passed on to continue the legacy. The most loved cakes would be vanilla, black forest, red velvet, butterscotch, coffee, and legendary chocolate cakes. With exquisite taste and detail, these cakes have evolved to be the star of the show. We would have come across these at least once in our life. If your loved ones are into these ‘classics’, you have nothing to think about. You can go for black forests made with delicious chocolate sponge cake, cherries and cherry-filled icing, red velvets with crimson red cake and ermine icing or chocolate cakes with nothing but rich chocolate and happiness. 

Fruit Cakes

I remember the time I had the first bite of a fruit cake. I had judged fruit cakes so bad till then that I felt guilty of missing out on all the opportunities of eating fruit cakes. So, listen up. Never let the same belief deceive you. Go for these delicious cakes to surprise your loved ones. Mangos, pineapples, strawberries and all kinds of fruits can indeed create magic.

Guilt-free Cakes

To all the health-conscious people out there, isn’t it a relief when we see something guilt-free? Well, how true is that. If you choose cakes for your loved ones who are not into eggs and sugar, you can go for eggless cakes and sugar-free cakes. With a variety of flavours and types, you can always go for these options. Eggless cakes would be the perfect choice for vegans, vegetarians, and those who do not prefer eggs in their cake. Sugar-free cakes are diabetic friendly and are the best for people who are into healthy sugars.  

Fun Cakes

It’s always fun to add a quirky factor to cakes. If you’re looking for cakes for someone into the animated world, well, then cartoon cakes are the answer. With the only rule of no age bar, cartoon cakes can always be fun. Haven’t you heard about photo cakes? If not, let me tell you that it’s the most interesting of all. Get the best (or goofy) picture of your loved one on their favourite cakes and celebrate. 

Special Cakes

You must be wondering, what on earth are special cakes? Well, the star of every online cake portal would be these special cakes. If you want to make your loved one’s day extra special, you must go for these. Tier cakes, designer cakes, half and half ones and so on. Ideal cakes to make the best out of a perfect day. 

That’s a wrap to choosing the right cake for your loved ones. We’re sure you’ll make a perfect choice now. Have fun.

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