Reasons to Choose an Overseas Student Health Cover for Australia

student health cover

One of the mandatory things for international students is to obtain an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before leaving their home country because it is declared by the Government of Australia.

The OSHC policy provides coverage of hospital and medical expenses with some primary benefits during the stay in Australia. The primary OSHC policy does not provide coverage for dental, optical and physiotherapy, but if any international student wants these covers, they must buy extra OSHC from the health insurance providers, where they need to pay extra for this coverage.

What are the Primary Benefits of OSHC policy?

The OSHC’s primary benefit is to cover hospital and medical expenses of international students while studying in Australia, such as:

  • Doctors visit
  • Some hospital treatments
  • Ambulance services
  • Medications

Students from Belgium, Norway, and Sweden planning to study in Australia are not required to purchase OSHC policy because of the Australian Government agreements with these countries.

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Who can Purchase OSHC Policy?

International students and their dependents can buy the OSHC policy. It comprises three covers, single (student visa holders), couple (the student visa holder and one partner or recognised de facto partner) and family (student visa holder, one partner or recognised de facto partner and dependent children under 18 years old).

Regardless, comparing and buying a suitable OSHC according to the profile is important. As we know, many academic institutions are assisting international students in purchasing the OSHC from them, but these institutions do not provide options for international students to compare OSHC health insurance before buying because these institutions are only associated with one health insurance provider.

However, on the contrary, we, a third-party company named Budget Policy, assist people in comparing and purchasing health insurance according to their profile and visa type at a lower price than the market.

Who Provides OSHC Policy?

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