Chocolate Cake Recipe

Cake Recipe

Chocolate cake recipe is liked for the fluffy cake with the melted chocolate over them. Chocolate cake recipes evolved after Dr. James Baker discovered the way to make chocolate by grinding the cocoa beans in 1764.The extraction of fat from cocoa liquor for cocoa butter and rock cocoa to use in easy chocolate cake recipe is invented by Conard Van Houten in 1828. The liquid chocolate which amalgamates completely with cake for the recipe for chocolate cake was found out by Swiss Rodolphe in 1879 and the process is called conching. Till the 19th century chocolate recipes were used for drinks only, after that the Chocolate cake recipes were practiced.

Among the other cakes chocolate cake recipe always finds a special reservation for its flavors and delicious taste. Chocolate cake recipes blend well with numerous variations so a queue of easy chocolate cake recipe can be tasted. Recipe for chocolate cake asks for bit care and proper processing for the best results.

Chocolate cake recipes come with various styles of baking, grilling, layered baking etc. The flavanols that are present in cocoa and dark chocolates of chocolate cake recipe has medicinal qualities to protect immune system and the lab studies proved the increased brain activity and resist the growth of colon cancer cells. Recipe for chocolate cake are a must in every household easy chocolate cake recipe lends helping hands for celebrations.

To enjoy a homemade chocolate cake recipes take a note of ingredients for the chocolate cake recipe and the processing steps to the recipe for chocolate cake and enjoy the easy chocolate cake recipes cooked.

Ingredients of Chocolate cake recipe

      All purpose flour    300 gm.

      White Sugar     400 gm.

      Unsweetened Cocoa Powder 6 Tbsp.

      Butter (Softened)       340 gm.

      Baking powder    2 Tsp.

      Almonds/walnuts (finely grounded)   150 gm.

      Vanilla Extract      5 tsp.

      Eggs      6

      Boiling water    ½ Cup

Ingredients for the recipe for chocolate cake frosting

      Eggs          2

      Icing sugar     200 gm.

      Semi-sweet chocolate      200 gm.

      Butter             6 Tbsp.

Cooking process of easy chocolate cake recipes

      Line in 9 inch cake tins 2 numbers of grease proof nature and grease the tins.

      Meanwhile preheat the oven to bake the chocolate cake recipes to 350 degree F.

      Blend the sugar with butter to form a creamy texture and beat the eggs one by one to the creamy mixture. To this mixture stir the flour, almonds, baking powder, Vanilla extract and water to prepare the dough. Be careful about the texture of the dough it should not be too tight or too loose.

      Divide the dough among the two tins and bake till the dough is cooked check the cooked status with a tooth pick it should easily prick in and come out with few moist crumbs sticking to it. Chill the cakes and divide each into two parts.

For frosting melt the chocolate and butter inn boiler and mix the beaten eggs with icing sugar. Coat the cakes with the frosting and cover the cake with extra mixture and refrigerate to harden the frosting of chocolate cake recipes.

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