Does The Completion Of Certificate III Child Care Courses Open New Opportunities For Individuals?

child care courses

If you love the company of children and really want to do something for them, Early Childhood Education and Care is the best sector to choose to build a career. Employment opportunities are increasing, which means a job here will give you the chance of earning a decent income. However, working as an early childhood educator or day-care worker is more than a job, as you will get actively involved in making a significant contribution to a child’s life.

Enrolling in Certificate 3 in Childcare offered by any top institution can be your stepping stone to enter this rewarding industry. This blog discusses how this course can open new opportunities for you.

Things to keep in mind about Certificate 3 in Childcare

child care courses

The full name of this course is Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care, and it provides training about the basic skills and knowledge you need to work in the childcare sector. Following are some important points to keep in mind about this course.

A vast number of topics are covered in this course

You can attend on-campus classes or complete the course online based on your location and other requirements. 15 core and 3 elective study units are included in this course, which covers the following topics:

  • Ensuring children’s safety in their learning environment
  • Providing the necessary care for infants, toddlers, and children
  • Developing cultural competence
  • Using an approved learning framework for teaching things
  • Developing respectful and positive relationships with children
  • Supporting holistic development for children
  • Identifying and responding to children who are vulnerable to potential risks
  • Maintaining a supply of an emergency first aid response in a care and education setting
  • Complying with specific workplace health and safety standards

You will get the chance to implement your learned skills in a real-life workplace environment

Under this course, you will be required to complete a 120-hour vocational placement training. This training will allow you to work at a registered childcare facility centre and thus, assures relevant workplace experience.

Although you will not receive any payment for the placement training, you will get the opportunity to apply skills you have learned to real-life workplace scenarios. A professional supervisor will assess these skills, who will give you feedback.

The course takes only one year to complete

The course will take a maximum of one year to get completed. The advantage is that it is a self-paced course, and thus, you can complete your qualification according to your own learning speed.

Completion in one year also means you will become eligible for a job position in a relatively short time.

What job roles can you find after completing your course?

Various career pathways will be available once you complete your Certificate 3 course.

Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)

Early childhood teachers (ECTs) are usually recruited by preschools or kindergarten schools. They are responsible for organising, planning, and executing daily activities in a school or childcare centre to provide them with a solid foundation. This position is perfect for naturally caring, compassionate, and patient individuals.

Of all the child care courses in Perth, Certificate 3 course is the most typical qualification required to become an ECT.

Early Childhood Educator (ECE)

The key difference between an ECT and an ECE is that while ECTs work with mostly preschool and kindergarten-aged children, ECEs also work with toddlers and infants and in a range of work settings. As an ECE, too, you will be required to plan and execute early childhood programs and communicate with children’s parents and other colleagues to ensure a perfect learning environment.

Daycare worker

Daycare workers care for children in a childcare centre or a family day-care centre. Typical responsibilities will include:

  • Monitoring behavioural patterns in children
  • Ensuring their safety
  • Teaching them social skills

Daycare jobs also involve taking care of infants, and in that case, changing nappies will be a major responsibility. To become a daycare worker, you must be organised, caring, communicative with parents, and properly understand early childhood development.

In Australia, you will never be out of jobs if you choose this profession.

Child care centre manager

When you are in the managerial position in a childcare centre, you will be responsible for overseeing its daily operations and coordinating a team of Early Childcare Educators. Though it is quite a busy role, you can enjoy your position as you will take care of the long-term planning of an institution while constantly inspiring your staff for a better outcome.

Major skills you must have to reach this position include observation, patience, communication, judgment, and solving problems. Like any managerial post, you must use resources effectively to ensure organisational success.


Nannies have been in high demand for a long time. They play a key role in a child’s life in its early years and thus get a high salary for their services. A skilled and qualified nanny can find a job not only in Australia but in any part of the world, too.

The current job scenario in Australia

According to government reports, the number of job openings in the childcare sector is expected to become 36000 per year in Australia. This demand is related to mostly basic-level childcare workers. It means completing a Certificate 3 qualification can be highly beneficial to build a successful career.

What else can you do?

Expanding knowledge and skill base is always beneficial for a professional career. You may consider gaining some experience in the employment sector and then enrolling in the Early Childhood Education and Care Diploma to learn more advanced skills. This qualification will help you find leadership and administrative roles in the industry, thus improving your income potential. In addition, you can also think of doing any specialised course.

Choose the college wisely

Whether you want to attend on-campus or online classes, you must make the right choice for the college. A top-ranked college will allow you to receive training from top industry experts and do a vocational training placement in a reputed day-care service. You may type ‘Early Childhood Education and Care Perth’ on the Google search bar and explore the top search results.

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