Chikankari Kurta  For Every Festive Look

Chikan is the traditional craft of embroidery practiced in India. The people of India have loved this art being used on different occasions in the earlier days. Traditional dresses like ‘Bandhej’ and ‘Rangree’ are some of the examples where chikankari has been incorporated masterfully. The marvelous thing about chikankari is that it can be done on a variety of materials, from sheer fabrics to heavy fabrics. One can create beautiful designs on dupattas, stoles, scarves, shirts, kurtas, and more. Nowadays people have started using chikankari in different other forms like shirts, jackets, and pants.

It is a time-consuming craft, but the results are worth it. The designs are generally very intricate and are done with a combination of different fabrics such as cotton, silks, and net.

Stitch with pastels chikan kurta 

If you are looking for something sure to turn heads and catch the eye, “basic” colors have long fallen out of style. you should try pastels because they can sometimes make an outfit pop more than the basic colors. Reds, oranges, yellows, and blues can be overpowering on their own so if you choose to wear them regularly, they might not necessarily be your best color. Considering most people in India wear regular colors mostly white or navy blue, this gives a perfect opportunity for someone to stand out just by wearing pastel colors!

Short and classy chikankari kurta

Amp up your style statement by donning a classy kurta using heavy silk fabric. You will look quite stylish wearing the traditional piece during festivals or any other occasion for that matter. The colors you can choose from are emerald green and maroon, Traditional kurta for men or you could even go for a classic off-white shade.

Chikankari kurta with chunridar

Consider selecting from a range of traditional yet stylish Chikan kurtas, embellished with polished embroidery in delicate neck designs. Choose from light cotton or silk fabric for all-day comfort, and enhance your ethnic aesthetic with our selection of classic ethnic Churidar pants to match. Mix n’ match the rest of your ensemble or dress up in coordinating fabrics for an ensemble that is simple yet colorful! Finish your look off with totally comfortable ethnic footwear and you’re ready to go!

Chikankari kurta with nehru jacket

An elegant Chikan kurta with a buttoned Ethnic Nehru Jacket in a matching design or fused styles that bring out the same fabric can liven up your outfit. For example, a Nehru jacket that’s being used as outerwear in combination with Chikankari kurtas gives it an ultimate traditional yet contemporary look. Opt for a splash of embroidery at the neckline of the kurta, which not only emphasizes traditional attire but also adds an element of style and comfort to the entire ensemble. Accompany this fashionably modified ethnic look with soft, traditional footwear and you’re all set to explore new trends at a shopping mall near you!

Straight cut chikan kurta

One can never go wrong with the classic kurta pajama. Being an Indian yourself, you’ll love being able to rock these shirts with a long straight cut chikan kurta or a 3/4th sleeve one for all those extra hot months. But if you’re still looking for some inspiration, then check out Bindiya Seed’s collection of sorts which also includes famous movie dialogues for those who prefer their clothing-adding personality and not just pure fashion sense.

Everyday chikankari comfort

Besides traditional wear, we also offer a range of regular kurtas that are pretty and ideal for day-to-day wear. These items combine the best of modern fashion with old trends. At this time, a variety of designer kurtas would make the perfect addition to your present wardrobe. A lot of the designer kurtas available in the online collection emphasize fine detailing and vibrant colors for perfect semi-formal and casual wear.


we hope you enjoyed our guide on how to wear chikankari for men. If you are looking for formal wear for any occasion, then definitely give chikankari fabrics a try. They are very elegant and come in the most amazing colors and design patterns. We hope article would help you out