Chicken Kofta Restaurant in Abu Dhabi serves the most exciting dishes

chicken kofta restaurant in abu dhabi

Indian Cuisine turns out to be vast and there are arrays of dishes that get prepared specifically across different communities. Dishes and cuisines through neighboring countries and regions like the Tibet influence Indian food too. North Indian Cuisine consists of basic ingredients like saffron, spices, chillies, cottage cheese and meat. Such cuisine is not popular within India however within countries like the US and UK. Get the best food at Chicken Kofta Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. 

Mughlai Cuisine 

This type of Indian cuisine at Chicken Kofta Restaurant in Abu Dhabi comes out from the royal kitchen of the Mughals within the right aspect. Some of the well-known dishes are Mughlai Chicken, Boti Kebab and Murgh kebabs Mughlai. There occurs a huge variety of restaurants within India that serves mughlai cuisine and the one of the best joints within the country for this within New Delhi. 

Punjabi Cuisine 

The Indian Cuisine may be found within Punjab and it is a little similar to the Mughlai Cuisine through the North West Frontier. These dishes may get topped off with butter and ghee, that makes them even within more appetizing and appealing. Some of the famous dishes can be Dal Makhani(Black Lentils), Tandoori Chicken, Rogan Josh and Naan at Chicken Kofta Restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The most famous drink can be lassi(buttermilk). Restaurants all around India may serve this cuisine and you may check the cuisine out at the renowned restaurant Sajway. 

Kashmiri Cuisine 

The cusines is found within Kashmir, and gets influenced through the cuisines and from different parts of Abu Dhabi. The Indian cuisine uses a lot of yoghurt, turmeric and mutton however the chefs cut down the spices and onions. Some of the popular dishes can be Yakhein( a yoghurt based dish with chicken), RazmahGoagi (a combination of kidney beans and turnip) and Gaad ( a variety of fish with radish). Kashmiri cuisine is not as popular as the other cuisines, so not multiple restaurants serve this type of food. 

Rajasthani Cuisine 

This form of Indian Cuisine originates through Rajasthan and got influenced through the Rajputs (warriors) and their lifestyle. Rajasthan turns out to be one of the driest states within India with a very few food options and vegetables. This cuisine may be eaten without heating. Some of the most famous snacks turn to be popular all over the country like the Bikaner Bhujia and Pyaaj kachori. Some of the dishes get found within the restaurants in India like Daal-Baati (Lentils), Badi( Pastry soaked within a thick curry), Milk cakes and LaalMaans (mutton curry). 

Food from Uttar Pradesh 

This cuisine gets available within Uttar Pradesh that is situated within the northeaster region of India. Some interesting dishes from here can be palakpaneer (spinach curry with cottage cheese), kofta( a combination of vegetable and flour balls coaked within a curry) and Dum Biryani. Restaurants across India aim to serve the food deliciously. Indian Cuisine has got a number of versatile dishes with a lot to offer to the masses and these dishes make your taste buds tingling for a long time. 

Make your day memorable for lifetime at Chicken Kofta Restaurant in Abu Dhabi

The dishes within Abu Dhabi at Chicken Kofta Restaurant in Abu Dhabi have a melting pot of different cultures and one may experience some tasty cuisines through different parts of the region and the world in some famous restaurants within the city. You may relish spicy Mughlai Cuisine, Andhra Thali, Continental, Chinese, and Thai Food etc. There occurs out multiple Punjabi restaurants wherein one may taste delicious Punjabi food. Restaurant in Abu Dhabi offers a huge variety of Punjabi cuisines for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Vegetarians may relish dishes like AlooMatar, PalakPaneer, Kebabs, MatarPaneer, MalaiKofta, Punjabi Kadhi, Dal Makhani etc. For the non-vegetarians there are dishes like Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Makhani, ChickenKofta etc. A perfect way of ending a meal at the Punjabi restaurant is with a glass of Lassi popularly known as Chhach that is spicy butter milk. 

The Chicken Kofta Restaurant in Abu Dhabi aims to maintain an excellent taste of the food. The place turns to be eye-capturing while taking your hearts. This is a crowded place that serves delicious dishes that helps to make your day amazing. The restaurant has got a favourite delicacy for some of the people. Other standard Punjabi items like pepper chicken, ginger chicken, jeera rice and chicken 65 are also indeed popular. One gets the taste of Chicken Kofta with authentic dishes. One may experience good quality food that turns out to be no expensive. The place is amazing and has got low prices and the mouth-watering dishes like “kalmi kebab”. The ambience turns to be good and food is consistently good that makes your day amazing. The place may be visited when one is seeking out for a good Punjabi cuisine within Abu Dhabi. Ensure that you come up over Sajway since it is one of the best Restaurant in Abu Dhabi.