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The game of chess is a mind game. To become an expert in this game you need to invest a lot of time and energy. Every emerging chess player wants to be a grandmaster in chess. Every chess player wants to win all the tournaments. Every chess player wants to be rated 2,000. In life, everything starts from our wants, our desires, our dreams, our wishes. But in life, we get what we deserve rather than what we need or what we want. Similarly in the game of chess, we get what we deserve not what we want. 

If you want to get rated 2,000 or you want to become a chess grandmaster or you want to win all chess tournaments you need to deserve more. Time is crucial, so to achieve your set of goals you need to utilize your time in learning and practicing chess. Right guidance and great motivation can mold your game of chess in a positive direction. 

By watching motivational videos you can visualize your dream and work harder to achieve your goals. There are several chess Dvds available at chess on demand. By purchasing those DVDs you can learn Chess openings for black, master method chess, foxy chess openings, and many more. You can also find Roman’s lab chess DVDs on chessondemand if you want to learn this method of chess. 

All your dreams can come true but for that, you need to take some action otherwise life will also not take care of your dreams. To unlock your potentials and goals of chess learn and improve your game with chessondemand. It is the best chess learning platform. You will find the Grandmaster collection, master method collection, chess opening collections, foxy chess videos, and much more content on the website. 

Friends or enemy? 

Your family and friends might hear all your excuses of failure and console you by saying how unlucky you are or it’s not your fault but life is different. It doesn’t entertain any excuses for your failure. Life has nothing to do with your reasons for not making it. What we deserve is all that life knows. Whenever you work hard and smart life truly gives you what you deserve. More practice, more dedication, and endless learning of chess will definitely make you win and life shows you that it is truly your friend. 

Delays are just Delays 

In our life many times it happens that we do a lot of hard work with complete dedication and putt maximum effort in order to achieve our goals. But you do not get what you chase and it seems like life’s attention is elsewhere or it has become blind that it did not recognize your efforts. 

In the game of chess, it is possible that you work so hard and still fail to get rating points. It is also possible that you prepare your best for the tournament but still end up losing. Often players get upset and get demotivated.  But the truth of this is life keeps on testing you at different stages. You will get your results and achievements but with a delay. Always remember that life can be stuck in a traffic jam like you. So always and always remember that if you are not getting your prize despite lots of hard work and dedication it means there is a delay. Things will happen but it takes time. So do keep yourself motivated in hard times. 

Stay strong at times when you lose your game after giving your best. Keep on learning new Chess Opening Tactics, mid-game methods, different tricks, and many more on chessondemand. 

By Anurag Rathod

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