Factors To Check While Buying Instant Food Mixes

Instant food mixes are a blessing for many, especially employed ones for those who are not ready to spend their major share of time in the kitchen. It helps them to prepare food without wasting much time on the preparation part. Moreover, the expense would be much lower than buying food from a restaurant.

But, do you know unhealthy ingredients in instant food mixes can harm your body?

Yes. You should buy instant food mixes and ready-to-cook items only from trustworthy agro product manufacturers. Otherwise, you may have to spend the money saved in hospitals. Unapproved preservatives and unauthorized tastemakers are the main health hazards. It can be detrimental to both your and your family’s health.

instant food mixes

You must confirm the quality if you are a person depending on instant food mixes too much.

Main Things to Note Before You Choose an Instant Food Mix

Food and Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is the authorized body to monitor the food products and issue certification. Adulteration is the most common corruption done by food product manufacturers. They are not bothered about the consumer’s health and focus only on increasing profit margin.

FSSAI has formulated DART (Detect Adulteration with Rapid Test) for confirming the quality and ascertaining whether the food product is adulterated. There are different tests suggested for different types of food preparations. Nonetheless, they haven’t suggested any test for instant food mixes or ready-to-cook items.

Hence, the broad method is to rely on reputed brands only. You can consider checking the following before buying an instant food mix.

Food Certification –

Food certification from FSSAI is the indication that the manufacturer is following the safety, health, and hygiene standards prescribed. They would be using approved preservatives that are not harmful to the body.

Shelf Life –

Instant food mixes normally have a lesser shelf life than flours and food grains. Check the manufactured date and expiry date. Don’t buy an item that has crossed the expiry date. Some instant mixes like dosa batter would need you to store it in refrigerated condition. Therefore, avoid storing that outside. It will ideally have a shelf life of one or two days only.

Ingredients –

All the ingredients in the food mix would be specified in the packet. The specifications of preservatives used (if any), coloring agents, etc would be mentioned including its chemical name. You can Google to ascertain the health implications of those if you want.

Trademark –

Checking the trademark and hologram will give you an idea if the product is from a duplicate brand. Some miscreants will use similar names (at times, the same name) to fool the customers. Buy the instant food mix only after confirming that it is from your favorite, trustworthy, brand.

Processing and Packing –

The brand should maintain a healthy and hygienic food processing and packing procedure. It is ideal if the instant mix is untouched by hand and packed completely using machines. The computer-aided inspection of  the quality of the food ingredients is utilized by leading food products manufacturers.

Brand Name Matters –

Companies earn their identity by delivering quality products to customers. They would not go behind unethical profit by adding low-quality products or practicing adulteration. They would consider the customers’ health the priority. Because returning customers are the strength of any company. Furthermore, the trust once lost cannot be regained. The top instant food mix producers aim to develop a healthy nation by ensuring that each of their products meets the quality standards. 

Purity –

The purity of the product can be assessed by following all the previously mentioned steps. Buy instant food mixes only from reputed brands. Hygiene, purity, and nutrition factors would depend on the ingredients. Never fall prey to fake claims from unreliable manufacturers.

Why Double Horse Food Products?

Double Horse has been offering high-quality agro products, flours, and instant mixes for decades. We have created our identity by observing stringent quality standards and a healthy food processing system. We have separate teams for food product preparation, inspection, quality assurance, and packing. You can trust us to deliver you the number one quality products that are healthy and safe.

The ever-increasing customer base is an indication of our proven quality and credibility. Starting small, we could win the hearts of customers in India and abroad. The faith they bestowed on us is the strength that drives us forward.

We now have several certifications that underscore our dedicated efforts to maintain quality and provide the best to our customers. The quality certifications attained by Double Horse include:

ISO 22000:2005 –

Food Safety Management System certification for maintaining the quality standards and abiding by the food safety directives.

FDA Certification –

The US Food Administration certification confirming the healthy factors, hygiene and purity of our products. Note that, the US agency issues certification only after stringent inspection and examination of several food samples only.


All the food items are approved by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.

DSIR Recognition –

The Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, under the Government of India has recognized our research and development initiatives.

In addition to the above certifications and recognitions, we have acquired ISO 14001 for environmental management and have received recognition from the National Plant Protection Organization (NPPO). This highlights the fact that how determined we are regarding the quality of products and how concerned we are about our customers’ health. 

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