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Are you looking for the cheapest online political science degree? Do you want to know what schools offer the best value for your money?

This article will discuss the 10 cheapest online political science degrees. We’ll also provide information on what you can expect to learn in a political science program and career opportunities for political science graduates!

What Job Can I Get If I Study Political Science?

If you’re interested in studying political science, you might wonder what kind of job you can get with this degree. The good news is that there are a variety of career options available to political science majors. Here are just a few of the positions you might be qualified for:

  • Policy Analyst
  • Lobbyist
  • Political campaign manager
  • Government affairs specialist
  • Public relations specialist
  • Event planner

You can see many ways you can use your political science degree. So whatever your interests may be, there’s likely a career path that will allow you to pursue them. If you’re passionate about politics and want to make a difference in the world, studying political science is a great way to get started.

What Personality Traits Do Political Science Majors Have?

Political science majors are active, engaged citizens who care about the world around them. They participate in student government, work on campaigns, or organize protests.

But they’re not just activist types; political science majors are also curious, analytical, and highly intelligent. They’re the kind of people who always ask questions and seek answers. And they’re not afraid of a little (or a lot) of debate.

In short, political science majors are some of the most passionate and well-informed people you’ll ever meet. So, if you’re interested in politics, there’s no better major than political science.

Top 10 Cheapest Online Political Science Degree Programs

1. The University Of Illinois At Springfield

  • Program Offered: Online Bachelor’s in Political Science
  • Price: $10,733

UIS offers a bachelor’s degree in political science that does not require on-campus study. The program includes both synchronous and asynchronous elements and the option for online learners to enroll in an integrated BA/MA program!

It includes introduction topics such as American politics or philosophical approaches toward democracy. The accelerated master’s degree is a great way to stand out in the job market or prepare for further education.

2. University Of North Alabama

  • Program Offered: Online Bachelor’s in Political Science
  • Price: $12,121

UNA’s online bachelor’s degree in political science provides students with the flexibility to work while delivering all coursework asynchronously.

The 36-credit curriculum includes courses on the United States government and politics, research methods for analyzing public behavior toward policy issues like environmental protection or healthcare reform, and more!

3. Arizona State University

  • Program Offered: Online Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Price: $14,166

The Bachelor of Arts in political science from Arizona State University pairs critical thinking with a curriculum focused on policy, public issues, and citizens’ interactions with government. You’ll learn about local to international concerns as you earn your degree!

Graduates can pursue careers in government agencies, private businesses, and nonprofit groups. They should be prepared to identify links between theory and practical problems to have an edge when working with politics or on behalf of other people’s interests at work!

4. Texas Tech University

  • Program Offered: Online Bachelor’s in Political Science
  • Price: $15,531

TTU’s online bachelor’s in political science program covers various topics, including foreign and domestic policy, international relations theory, and Texas politics.

The 120-credit curriculum includes courses like comparative politics (which teaches you how other countries’ systems work) and an introduction to analysis across disciplines such as film studies or musicology, which helps equip students with critical thinking skills.

They can apply it all toward studying contemporary issues abroad and environmental sciences-related research projects conducted through student organizations on campus. Additionally, the program offers an accelerated path to a master’s degree for students who wish to continue their education.

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5. Rutgers University-New Brunswick

  • Program Offered: Online Bachelor’s in Political Science
  • Price: $16,295

This online bachelor’s degree in political science covers various practical and philosophical problems associated with governance and critical thinking skills. Alongside gaining extensive knowledge of the field!

It includes American politics or international relations topics, among others! Learners develop their ability to problem solve effectively by learning how different perspectives can lead them towards solutions that work for everyone involved.

6.  Oregon State University

  • Program Offered: Online Bachelor’s in Political Science
  • Price: $18,625

The university offers a flexible online bachelor’s degree in political science. The program has four different start dates each year, and students complete most coursework asynchronously while gaining access to resources!

Learners are exposed to a wide range of courses that cover all aspects of public life. All students must complete 180 quarter credits and choose from additional subjects, including environmental policy, politics within countries, and constitutional law, for an even more comprehensive education!

7. University Of Central Florida

  • Program Offered: Online Political Science, BA
  • Price: $21,502.8 [In State] & $85,896 [Out Of State]

The study of politics is an involved and dynamic field with countless opportunities for those willing to work hard. A degree in political science provides a platform to shape paradigms on the issues that matter most at every level — local, national, or international!

In addition, a limited number of internships are available for those wanting real-world experience in an office environment with local state or national government jobs, campaign headquarters, plus law offices, among others!

8. Penn State World Campus

  • Program Offered: Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  • Price: $21,678

If you’re looking for a program to prepare students with the liberal arts skills needed to succeed in today’s workplace, then this degree is for you. This curriculum is designed on public policy analysis and international relations theory, so your knowledge can be applied across many different fields!

Whether you’re a lifelong learner interested in government work or looking to expand your military career, this degree can help. It provides an excellent background for graduate study and will refine skills needed at both levels of civilian life and within service members’ lives!

9. Clayton State University

  • Program Offered: Political Science and Government Studies, BS
  • Price: $24,416

It is no secret that the world around us changes rapidly. To have a successful career or even live comfortably in this fast-paced society, it’s crucial for people who are notarized political science graduates will be able to understand how governments function and what makes them tick – both good as well as bad!

This degree program from Clayton State University offers students everything they need! It includes a systematic study of policy institutions and behavior, preparing you for careers involving government work, advancement & graduate studies in fields related directly to data politics.

This degree is perfect for anyone who wants to study the inner workings of government and how it affects our everyday lives. It will prepare you with skills that can be used directly or indirectly in any field, such as law enforcement or politics!

10. Fort Valley State University

  • Program Offered: Political Science, B.A.
  • Price: $25,329

This program offers fully online courses that are equivalent in content and requirements to their on-campus counterparts. Internships can be supervised through virtual technologies for students who cannot interact with campus evaluators face to face due to their inability to travel back home during holidays or weekends.

These individuals will gain valuable work experience while receiving individualized attention from instructors if needed! In addition, this allows greater flexibility by allowing those interested in participating actively via classroom discussions (in person) among peers enrolled together!

What Skills Do Political Science Majors Need?

As a political science major, you will need to develop many skills to help you succeed in your chosen career. These skills include critical thinking, research, and writing. You will also need to communicate your ideas and arguments to others effectively.

In addition, you will need to have a strong understanding of political systems and be able to analyze data and information. As a political science major, you will have the opportunity to develop all these skills and more. By studying political science, you will be prepared for various careers in the public and private sectors.

What Are The Cons Of Political Science?

Students who study political science will understand the systems and institutions that make up the government and the modern theories that explain how these systems work. However, there are some drawbacks to studying political science.

  • First, it can be controversial, and students may be at odds with their classmates or professors.
  • Additionally, because political science is such a complex topic, it can be challenging to master the material.
  • Finally, students who want to pursue a career in politics may need to supplement their education with additional coursework to be competitive.

However, studying political science can be a gratifying experience despite these challenges. Students interested in history, current events, or even just learning more about how our government works will find a lot to love about this discipline.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re interested in a career in politics or want to learn more about the world around you, studying political science is a great choice. And with so many cheapest online political science degree programs available, there’s no excuse not to get started.

Political science is a fascinating and complex field of study. Start exploring your options today. 

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