Changing Trends of Shopping Culture in India


Online shopping is the new shopping trend that has been flourishing in India for last one decade. It all started with Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon came into this domain and started this trend of online shopping. In early days, people were really hesitant of trying shopping through online website, but as the time grew, it unfolded lots of advantages and it has now become the most blooming industries in India. According to a recent survey from an authentic government authority, retail e-commerce sales is expected to grow by 10 times as compared to last year. Covid has played a very crucial role in this shift. COVID-19 pandemic boomed the digital economy and accelerated a shift in consumer’s behavior towards online shopping. E-commerce & E-retail has been expanding by 25-30% annually in last two years which has contributed immensely in the growth of online shopping sites.

Online shopping is a great way to buy things that one needs without wasting time in physically going out and looking for stores. Not only this, now a days, one can find literally everything on e-commerce website which otherwise you would have to buy from store would take a toll on you. Not only this, the kind of options, choices and price flexibility that one can enjoy on online shopping sites is incomparable with physical shopping.

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Online shopping is extremely convenient and it saves a lot of time and efforts. And in this busy life, if you are getting all these benefits, then why not explore it. As you scroll down, we have listed some of the best online stores in India, which are operating in different industries like fashion, clothing, groceries, home décor and many others. 

  1. Amazon: Amazon is the giant in e-commerce industry not only in India but also world-wide. It is a multi-product website where you can find anything to everything related to your household need, fashion need, office need or anything. You can find groceries, clothes, stationery, home décor, furniture and this list goes on at most effective and industry leading prices.
  2. Flipkart: Flipkart is similar to Amazon and you can buy everything on this online store and it is our home grown brand. Prices are very attractive, easy and quick shipping and delivery, genuine products from genuine market all this you can find at Flipkart.
  3. Myntra: Myntra is again a home-grown Indian brand specialising in selling fashionable clothes for men, women and kids. It does not sell its own garments, but list clothes of domestic and international brands. It is one of the best online clothing stores in India.
  4. Tripr India: Tripr India is a home-grown clothing brand for menswear and kids wear. This company is based out of Tirupur and also has retail stores in Tamil Nadu. They make their own garments and sell it on their official website.
  5. Nayka Fashion: It is a high-end luxury fashion website for people who can spend more and want to buy high fashionable and good quality garments, accessories, perfumes, bags and other fashion items.
  6. Home Centre: It is an online shopping website if you want to buy furniture, home decors, kitchen wares, daily utility items for house and kitchen and many more. All of this you can find at Home Centre. It also has its retail stores all across the country.
  7. Decathlon: At all above websites, you can find everything related to house and fashion, but decathlon is a place for sports items. It is literally a boon for all sports lovers. Now you can have access to international standard sports equipment that too priced so reasonably. Decathlon has physical stores too all over the country and you can buy from this website and app as well.  

While online shopping has lots of advantages, it has some down time also as the same time. Sometimes, you may end up with a fraud activity where you have paid the money and didn’t receive your product. Also, you may receive a faulty product and then you will have to get into long process of refund or return. There are websites which are selling fake products in name of genuine brands and you realises it only after using the product for a while. Sometimes, you end up buying things at higher prices than the actual price. So, these are some potential risks involved in online shopping. One need to cautious while making the purchase and always buy from verified authentic website.