How to Change Netflix Region on Smart TV

Netflix has biggest collection of movies and series. Undoubtedly Netflix is a popular video streaming service in the whole world. They are popular for their exciting content. In the whole world, they have a lot of content but problem is you can’t access all content where you live. if you are in Spain and want to access Canada Netflix, you can’t do that. To access Canadian Netflix, you have to change your region. With the best VPN, you can easily change your Netflix region. VPN is a virtual private network, this will change your real IP address and give you one fake IP address. With the fake IP address you can access the whole Netflix, just select which country server that you want to access. In this article, we will show you how you can change Netflix country on smart TV

So, whether you’re on vacation or traveling overseas, you can quickly access any Netflix collection on your Smart TV and watch all worldwide titles from any location on the globe.

How to Change Netflix Region on Android TV?

change netflix region

If you have a smart TV that operates with Android OS, you can easily change Netflix region using a VPN. Just follow some tips.

  • Create an account on VPN service provider website.
  • Go to the Google play store on your smart TV then install VPN, which you choose.
  • Sign in to your VPN account on VPN app and then connect a country server of your choice.
  • Now open the Netflix app and enjoy your favorite movie or series.

How to Change Netflix Region on Other Smart TVs?

If you don’t have an android smart TV that will be hard to change Netflix region. But there are two ways to set up VPN on other smart TV.

  • To unblock Netflix libraries, you may use your Smart TV to set up a Smart DNS.
  • You can connect your Smart TV to your Wi-Fi router by using a VPN.

Method 1: Set up a Smart DNS to change Netflix regions

If you have a smart TV that doesn’t run with Android OS, you can change Netflix region using smart DNS. Lot VPNs offer free smart DNS features along with a VPN. For example, you can use Express VPN smart DNS proxy. Just follow some steps.

  • Open Express VPN DNS page and sign in to your account
  • Tap to IP address reg. option> check box register my IP address
  • Go to the Media Streamer page and it will show you DNS server addresses. Write them down as you will need them later.
  • Launch your Smart TV > press Menu > go to Network.
  • Choose Status > IP Settings and then click on DNS Settings.
  • Click the option ‘Enter Manually’
  • Now you will be given two spaces. Here, enter the DNS IP addresses you got in Step 3.
  • Once done, click OK.
  • Now restart your Smart TV.
  • Go to the Netflix app and sign in Netflix account. Now you see the library of the region you are connected to.

Method 2: Set Up a VPN on Your Router to Change the Netflix Region on Your Smart TV

If your smart TV is not able to install VPN and doesn’t want to use smart DNS proxy, another method is you can set up VPN on your router and then connect Wi-Fi connection on your smart TV. This method needs to be set up for only one time. By this method, you can connect all devices to the router and enjoy favorite movies and series on different devices. 

Setup VPN on router first make sure, your router supports VPN. For make sure you can search on Google to know details or direct contact with manufacturer support team. If your router isn’t able to install VPN then you need new firmware.

If your router is available to install a VPN connection then just follow the instruction below.

  • Open your router’s address in your browser and then write the IP address of your router in your browser and user name password.
  • After accessing the router interface, find VPN option in the sidebar
  • Choose the option of the VPN client.
  • Include all settings that provided your VPN service. These include Express configuration files, server location, and more. You simply need to upload the VPN config file on the interface.
  • After done everything, click ok and apply changes.
  • Now, restart your router and connect your Smart TV to it.
  • Open Netflix app and stream international libraries.

Which Country Has the Biggest Netflix Library?

After successfully setup VPN on your smart TV, you can easily change Netflix region to anywhere you want. So, let’s look at countries with the largest Netflix libraries in the world.

CountryNumber of total Netflix titles (Movies + Shows)
United States5,879
United Kingdom5,673

Final Word

Here was the full guide on how to change Netflix region on smart TV. We tried to give you the best guide. To follow these steps you can easily change Netflix region on smart TV from anywhere in the world.

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