Centre-based Day Respite

Respite in disability care is the option to be at a care centre with a different caregiver for a select amount of time. It is quite literally like the word means, it aims to provide respite to the existing caregiver so they can take a break or go away for a while. The responsibilities of care are taken over by organisations and the caregivers there while also making it a more interactive and engaging program for the disabled individuals.

This can include someone coming in to look after you while you stay inside your home and your caregiver is away for a determined period of time. This can also be when you visit an organisation tending to disability care, and are taken care of by their professionals for a select period of time. This period can be a few hours during one day, and can be extended to overnight or a selected few weeks. You can also use this service regularly or on occasion as per your needs.

Day Program Disability

Caring is not recognised by everyone as a physically and mentally exhaustive responsibility that takes a toll on you if one does not take breaks. It is not considered as a full-time job but its demands are very much like one. Caregivers can also have personal emergencies of their own or times when they are ill and need to be resting. This makes it an activity that should be taken more seriously and should get its forms of ‘leave’ by using services like respite to allow some time away to the caregiver while also making it an eventful day for the disabled person involved with our Day Program Disability.

What are the services a day respite at the centre provides?

Recreational Activities

Our centre hosts a variety of services that are designed to be relaxing as well as learning lessons. These include a sensory room where you can train your senses and improve sensory processing. It can also help in focusing better and is a calming atmosphere where you can release your stresses. We also have a garden where gardening is actively taught to be a part of your daily life. Gardening is known to be meditative and a stress-buster while also engaging oneself better with their environment. Gardening your own vegetables and spices also makes you more aware of your nutritional needs and informed about food as a whole.

Social activities

Spending some time at the centre can also provide an environment of social interaction and engagement with one’s own community in a comfortable manner. Staying at home for a long time can result in reduced socialisation and less socially-sensitive indoor engagement which turns out lacking in many ways. Our outdoor kitchen is a great way to bond with other disabled individuals and engage with cooking in a manner that is more accessible and fun than while learning alone at home. This can also be a great exposure to other cuisines and learning more about food in general from others cooking along with you. There’s also a section for arts and crafts that can be another outlet for creative and artistic expression where you would be guided by proficient art therapists and art teachers. There’s a theatre room as well that has a number of activities

Physical Activity

Team sport events are regularly held at our centre and boost physical health immensely. The value of physical health has been underestimated for disabled persons, however, it is equally significant and necessary for them as it boosts overall body coordination, trains the physical muscles and improves them in the long run while stopping them from deteriorating in the future. They are also great to instill feelings of teamwork and are useful for further socialisation. If one is in the mood for something more solitary, we also have a gymnasium with disability-friendly equipment with personalised trainers so you can improve bodily health and build your own space of comfort around physical activity in general. Working constantly in some way with your body can also boost your general sense of self and wellbeing.

Authorised NDIS providers

If you are funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, we will help you navigate the process and find a package with us that suits your NDIS plan. You will be informed of all the conditions and the activities covered under the package so you can be sure of what you’d like for yourself. There is also the option of privately making the expenses so you won’t be restricted by the NDIS package and choose the plan that you would like most.

With experienced and friendly caregivers and professionals in disability care, we aim to create the most accessible and comfortable space for your needs. Our intent is to help you carve your own space, even if its away from home or for a short period of time. Respite can be a transformational experience for you and your caregiver, and our attempt is to make it the best possible one.

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