How did Celefi Influence Marketing Campaigns Help Brands?

There is a craze for influencer marketing presently. The brands are more and more leaning forward it. It is because of the outstanding results that influence marketing provides on imprinting the steps on the market by the brands. 

Likewise, Celefi had also helped in coming up with the challenges that any business faces in their journey. Influence marketing comes under the umbrella of digital marketing. As we know that technology had already taken everything to a different dimension, we are also familiar with the fact that the number of users of social media is also growing exponentially daily. It is the reason that influencer marketing is at its boom. 

Let us understand influencer marketing.

What is influencer marketing?

With the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1989 by Tim Berners Lee, the era of the Internet came into the picture. Now, we can see millions of blogs over the Internet, but these all started long back during the time started. It was the year 2004-2005 when Ted Murphy realized the power and capabilities of the independent content creators who were influencing many peoples. Ted Murphy took the help of these bloggers to create a network and work with them.

Might the story be a long time ago, we can see the influence of influencer marketing around us to a large extent. Now, social media is taking over all the traditional means of communication or mass media. It is helping millions to spread their message and talent across the diversified world, connecting them with the peoples from different geographical locations and thereby helping the world connect to a common ground.

How do social media influencers help brands?

These social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, etc., are taken over by millions of people with talent and skills to influence others. They are ordinary people with gigantic fanbase. Their followers love them and stay engaged with the content these influencers make and post. 

Social media is not limited to a particular country or gender, it is open for all. So, when you post something and share it as much as you can, then you will reach out to a larger segment of the audience. These social media influencers already have a huge fan following. A single post by them will be discerned by these followers. It makes them easy to spread their message to many peoples at once. Thus, any brand considering the social media influencer to promote will likewise get a similar response.

How do brands benefit from influencer marketing?

1. Helps you to reach your goal

Whether it be to create brand awareness or to boost sales, revenue, and traffic, all can be achieved through influencer marketing. No wonder it resides under digital marketing, many campaigns become active whenever the influencers promote any brand. It is one of the best ways to reach your goal if you have proper planning and implementation for everything.

2. High ROI

ROI stands for Return On Investment. It is the measurement that any business uses to calculate its results. For influencer marketing, this ROI goes as high as 13 times the investment. All you need to do is to follow a certain strategy to work with influencers. Due to this high ROI, about 55% of the companies will increase their influencer marketing budget by 2022.

3. Saves time

You might get tedious of the various activities in making a brand successful. However, influencer marketing plays a pivotal role in saving your time and bringing the best for you. You only have to let the influencers know about your goal and expectations from them. The leftover work will be done by the influencers. You just have to sit and monitor the results.

4. Budget-friendly

Not only time friendly, but influencer marketing is also budget-friendly. We all know that a single promotion from celebs can cost us millions, but it is slightly different in the case of influencers. Since there are many types of influencers based on their follower counts, like nano influencers, micro-influencers, mid-tier influencers, macro-influencers, and mega influencers, there is also a difference in the price they charge. So, you do not need to worry. You can get an endorsement from influencers under your budget.

5. Trust bond

Any viewer will get attracted by your brand only if you provide a quality product to them. The factor on which it depends is the trust over the consumers that you are selling the right product. The influencers can help you build a trust bond with the audience. Since the followers trust these influencers a lot, they will also trust whatever they speak. So, you can create a trust bond with the consumers.

6. Targeting audience

There will be no use in targeting irrelevant consumers. Instead, one can get magnificent returns while they target the peoples who need the product. You can also get similar results through influencers. They make it easy to target the relevant audience. Since the influencers work on a certain niche, you can choose the influencers that are close to the niche of your product.

For example, if you are a health brand, you can choose influencers working on a niche like fitness and the keto diet, etc. It will make both of you easy to complete the promotion.

Which is the best example of celebrity influencer marketing?

We visit Amazon most of the time while purchasing any product. We can see a video along with the images of the product. This video is mostly made by influencers and they help in boosting the sales of the product. The consumers see their favorite influencers using the product and suggest everyone use the same. It creates a sense of trust over the influencer. It is one of the best examples of celebrity influencer marketing.

You can check this video through PRO365® Dual Wide Ab Roller Wheel for Abs Workouts 6 Month Warranty/Home Gym Abdominal Exercise/Core Workouts for Men and Women (6 MM Safe Knee Mat, Yellow Roller) : Sports, Fitness & Outdoors. Here in this video, Bollywood actress Preeti Jhangiani is using the product ‘PRO365 Dual Wide Ab Roller Wheel’. She is suggesting everyone use the product and stay fit. Likewise, there are many more videos where these influencers speak about the product and provoke the consumers to try it once.

Which is the best platform for influencer marketing?

Celefi is considered the best platform for influencer marketing. It is through the journey it came through. Also, the projects that Celefi works upon gave the desired results in boosting the brand value and recognition. Now, Celefi has more than 200 brand associations and over 300 happy customers. Soon after the launch, Celefi did not fail in capturing the limelight of the market. Now, it is leading the influencer marketing platform. Let us see the brands that got the advantage of the promotional videos by Celefi.


Myaeofit is a brand providing smart wearables and wireless air pods at an affordable price. It is a newly launched brand that soon imprinted its footprints on the challenging market. Myaeofit took a brand promotional video from Celefi that helped it a lot in getting public attention, thereby increasing its sales. You can follow it on Instagram at AeoFit (@myaeofit) • Instagram photos and videos.


You can check the video Shafaq Naaz Joined FitApes: Fitness Influencers Community – YouTube. It was created by Celefi to help FitApes boost its brand presence. FitApes provides us with the outlook to stay fit and healthy. Its association with Celefi was proved beneficial, and it continues to rise in the market.

Rocket Algo:- 

Rocket Algo is a startup in the field of financial analysis and the stock market. They chose Kiku Sharda to represent their brand. You can check its promotional video on YouTube through the link Rocket Algo – India’s No. 1 Trading Algo – YouTube. It gave them their desired results in a short period. Rocket Algo team has also used this promotional video on their other social media channel.

Smart diet planner:- 

Smart Diet Planner team focused on promoting their app through nonother than an actress. They took the help of Celefi to get an endorsement video from Tannaz Irani, which they posted on YouTube as well as other web-based media. You can check their video at Why Smart Diet Planner by Tannaz Irani – YouTube. They got benefitted from this video, and the response was outstanding through this.

What are the things someone can do with these videos?

Using these videos is mostly for promotion to create brand awareness, increase sales and revenue, generate leads and conversions, get web traffic, etc. It is not a big deal to use these videos. However, the way we use them creates a lot of difference. But, these all are made easy by Celefi- Influencer marketing services india. Now, the brands can use these videos either of the two ways:-

  1. They can use videos on social media.
  2. They can take celebrity permission for running ads, and celebrities or influencers ask for some amount.

Both of them will load them with exciting results. The later steps will need to be taken care of by the marketing team of the brand. They can use their skills to market the videos in the best way possible. 

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