Catuspadapitham Yoga Pose: Steps, Benefits, and Precautions

catuspadapitham yoga pose

Today we are going to tell you about how Catuspadapitham yoga is beneficial for us. Performing Catuspadapitham mudra strengthens the muscles of our hands. Due to this effect, the fat in our hands and feet starts reducing.

This asana is very beneficial for those who have breathing problems. The best table pose strengthens the muscles of the back, arms, and legs. Therefore, if you do yoga regularly, then you will not have to face any kind of trouble.

Steps of doing Catuspadapitham Yoga Pose

Katuspadapitam Asana is known by many names like tabletop, crab and half reverse plank, etc.  In Sanskrit, it is called Ardh Poorvottasana which means a half intense east stretch. Regular exercise of this yoga asana makes the muscles of the hands and feet strong as well as fat-free.

Step 1: To do this exercise, first of all, sit down in Dandasana.

Step 2: After that, you bend your knees and keep your feet lying on the ground.

Step 3: Now keep your hands behind the hips and keep the fingers in the other direction of the body.

Step 4: Breathing in, bend your hands backward, slowly raise your hips towards the upper side. Keep in mind that your knees and toes remain the same as in the front and you are looking at the upper side.

Step 5: Now emphasize the ankles and lift the hips more upper.

Step 6: Breathe slowly and stay in this position for 6-7 breaths.

Step 7: Now you slowly bring the hips to the ground to come back.

Benefits of doing Catuspadapitham Yoga Pose

  • It provides a deep spasm to the upper part of the body, including your shoulders, chest, abdomen, and spine.
  • This mudra creates strength in all the muscles of the body and the muscles around the spinal cord. It also helps in maintaining balance and improves your body functioning.
  • Apart from this, it makes the wrist, hands, feet, back, etc. strong and makes the body supple.
  • By doing this yoga, we get relief from stress and fatigue.

Precautions need to be taken while doing Catuspadapitham Yoga Pose

  • If you have any injury to your wrist, neck, or back, then do not make this asana.
  • Pregnant women or women during menstruation periods do not make this asana.

Beginners Tips for doing Yogasana:

These days the desire for yoga is at its peak. Regular yoga practice can not only cure many diseases, but the body also remains healthy. However, many precautions are required when doing yoga. We are going to mention those precautions here.

1. Prepare the body before yoga

Warming up is necessary before yoga. With this, your body will open and become flexible. After that, one should do pranayama and after doing yoga, finally do breathing.

2. Do not do yoga immediately after having meals

Do not do full belly yoga. Yoga should be done only after a gap minimum of 3 hours between yoga and eating. Vajrasana is the only posture that can be performed even after a meal and by doing this yoga, food can be digested.

3. Do not start with tough breathing

Always good to start with an easy asana rather than a difficult one. Without preparing the body, if we start doing hard yoga, then there is a chance of getting hurt. You can start with the surya namaskar steps as it is recommended for beginners.

4. Do not drink cold water during yoga

During yoga, our body becomes warm after physical activity, at this time it should be avoided to drink cold water so that complaints of cold, phlegm, and allergies can be avoided.

5. Do not take bath immediately after doing yoga

Usually, the temperature of our body maximizes by doing yoga. Therefore, after doing yoga, one should take a bath after at least 1 hour, so as to avoid problems like colds, body pain.

6. Do not wear deep during yoga.

Before doing yoga, remove the jewelry, neck chain, watch, bracelet, etc. because you may have problems in doing yoga by wearing them or you may get hurt by these things.

7. Avoid doing yoga during illness

Do not do yoga during illness. In such a situation, if you want to do yoga, then consult a doctor or a yoga expert.

8. If there is any problem with the body, do not do yoga

If you have any problem in your body related to the back, knee, or muscle, consult an expert.

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