Need special service for Differently-abled customers? Ride with Uber for specially challenged

Uber for differently abled

Many people have disabilities. In fact, it’s about 20% of our population. So, you can expect that at every 5% of passenger 1 may have a disability. This article will help you to interact with the individuals. You will learn about the right words to use and a few terms that you should avoid. You’ll … Read more

Emergency rescue with Uber for ambulances

uber for ambulances

The United States has the sky-high motor-vehicle collide death rate between the high-income nations, with approximately 37,000 deaths on annual basis or about 100 deaths per day according to a survey conducted by Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Though people just have a few minutes of time to save a person’s life and the … Read more

Planning to deliver a gift for your loved ones? We are here: Roadie app clone


With sending a cupcake or furniture to your destination there are different applications available nowadays to make your life easier and compatible which helps in delivering your packages without taking much time and that too safely. This delivery service app provides for big items as well as for small items. Need to send couch across … Read more

Are your customers ailing? Help them with Healthcare on demand app

healthcare on demand app

Technology is on-going to refine basically all aspects of our lives – and health technology is no divergent. Someone truly said – to live a happy life, you must have a good health. But nowadays, with the growing working pressure and hectic schedule, people don’t find enough time to take care of their health. Keeping … Read more

Is it dirty around your customers? Help them by Uber for home services

Uber for Home Services

In our day to day hectic life, it is quite difficult to take care of each and everything. So, keeping this in mind, in the digital world, full of online demand applications there are different applications to keep our house clean. Some of the house cleaning apps are-Tody (iOS), Home Routines (iOS), House Cleaning List … Read more