Carpet Cleaning Issues and How to Solve Them

carpet cleaning issues

No matter how expensive or high-quality the carpet is, you are bound to run into problems. The issue becomes way more common with rugs that are improperly made. There are simply too many things that can go wrong with a carpet, whether it’s spills, ripples, or just improper maintenance. But fear not, because carpet cleaning becomes much simpler and easier once you possess the proper information. So, let’s go over the biggest carpet cleaning issues and how to take care of them.

Bubbles and Ripples Forming on the Carpet 

When a carpet is drying up it is known for ripples and bubbles to appear. This usually lasts until the carpet is fully dried and the worries end there. However, it is known to happen that a carpet doesn’t get rid of these ripples even after fully drying out. This does not, necessarily, need to be tied to the dryness of the carpet. This is known to happen to older carpets as well. As carpets age, they start to lose their elasticity over time. Give it a few years and you will start seeing wrinkles appearing all over the carpet. Ripples are also known to appear on your carpet when the carpet starts separating from the carpet strip, or when you are moving heavy furniture over it. 

The best way of fixing this problem is by re-stretching it. There is a very straightforward way of doing this. Firstly, remove the furniture from the room, as well as anything heavy that might be in the way of your work. Then, start visually analyzing the carpet to find where it has ripples. Afterward, you will want to use a carpet knee kicker to repair the damage. If you have never used a knee kicker, don’t worry about it. Start by using the knee kicker on one side of the carpet and then push it over the entire carpet (told you it was pretty straightforward). After you are done, if the extra carpet is bouncing off the wall just cut it and combine the carpet with our good friend, the tack stripe.

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Dealing With an Extremely Dirty Carpet

When your carpet is so dirty that you are considering throwing it away and getting a new one, you know that you need better solutions than just cleaning it. This is where hot water extraction cleaning comes into play. This functions by applying high-pressure hot water onto the carpet fibers during extraction cleaning. The consequence of this method is that the dust, mud, dirt, and other kinds of debris become easily extractable. This also has the advantage of actively making the carpet material softer, so it feels a lot more pleasant when walking over it. 

This method is exceedingly good at eliminating bacteria, mold, and other kinds of irritants, making it a great choice for people with allergies. And it is also very adaptable, which means that it can be used for all types of carpets. However, there are problems with this method as well. When the hot water extraction cleaning is done, you will hardly be able to get all of the water out immediately. This means that the carpet will not be ready to be used immediately after cleaning. You will need to separate anywhere from 3-6 hours for the drying time, which is significantly longer than with other methods. Not to mention, this procedure should be done by an experienced person. If it isn’t handled properly, it can cause a lot of wrinkles and awful smells to arise. This is why we recommend using carpet cleaning services for hot water extraction cleaning.

Dealing With a Spill

You might be a bit clumsy, but you are far from being the only one who has had this happen to them. If you are a breathing human being, chances are, that you have had a spill in your life. Whether it’s a sauce, drink, or, God forbid, red wine, you have to deal with that spill somehow. Wiping it off isn’t gonna do the trick in most cases. The best way to clear the spill is by getting rid of all of the particles of the spill. Just wiping it does not remove everything (as you probably already know). Applying a cleaning solution from white vinegar or ammonia has proven to be the most efficient solution to this. Pour a tablespoons worth of this solution and add a cup of water to it and the stain will be out in no time. 
That would be it for today. Hopefully, after reading this article you have realized how simple it actually is to deal with some of these truly pesky carpet problems. The biggest trial is to inform yourself about how you need to approach the problem. And now you are ready for any issue that might befall your carpet (still try not to get a red wine stain). Till next time!