Career Opportunities For Law Graduates In India After Completing A LLB

career opportunities for law graduates

Choosing the appropriate career is a difficult decision. After all, there’s a lot to think about. Thankfully, whether you are a law student or want to work in the legal field, this article will assist you.

At the present, the most popular option in India is the law. It has changed and grown enormously throughout time. Students can select between a three-year legal course after graduation and a five-year law course after the 12th grade, with reference to the law university in Haryana. Previously, it was thought that studying law restricted one to the courtroom, but options have expanded. People can now work as litigation, corporate, or commercial lawyers, judges, or patent attorneys.

Best Legal Career Opportunities

Law is a broad field with several options. Contingent on your interests and talents, you can pursue a one-of-a-kind career in this business. The foregoing includes some of the most notable and wealthy legal job paths:


Advocacy is one of the most common jobs chosen by LLB graduates. Students who select this path can train on the courts. It should be noted that in order to apply for this position, candidates must first pass the All India Bar Council exam. If they have registered with the All India Bar Council, they can practice in any court in the nation.

Before becoming a successful advocate, each aspirant must first get experience as a Junior Assistant with a veteran advocate. This includes document authoring as well as reviewing records and court processes. This allows students to get a tremendous lot of legal knowledge. As a result of studying the many aspects, they will be able to practice as an individual lawyer.

Indian Armed Forces & Government Services

Candidates with an L.LB degree are also selected for Indian legal services and a variety of other positions such as Legislative counsel in the Legislative department and Legal advisors in the Department of Legal Affairs. Additionally, the Legislative Department of India maintains a distinct primary language section for Legislative Counsels, with translations accessible in Hindi and other regional languages.

Candidates who are chosen can also join the Indian Army, Air Force, or Navy. In line with the legislation, they hold disciplinary proceedings and court-martials for ineligible army soldiers.

Outsourcing Of Legal Services

Legal outsourcing is a procedure in which a law firm receives legal services from an outside firm. Off-sharing is used when the outsourced firm is from another nation. Another place where the opportunity has not been fully fulfilled. This industry provides several chances for the people of the country.

Journalist For The Law

If you enjoy writing, you can consider a career in legal journalism. Legal journalists attend court proceedings and report directly on the facts. They write pieces for both online and offline sources (blogs, websites, and social media) (newspapers, magazines, etc.).

Legal journalists may participate in conversations about legal matters since they have a thorough awareness of the law and current events.

This field needs excellent communication and writing abilities. However, instead of being confined to writing, a legal journalist can also operate in visual media (television, YouTube, etc.). It’s a one-of-a-kind job with its own set of chances and obstacles.

Judges And Judicial Officers

In a democracy like India, judges and magistrates have a distinct significance. They are the most revered and powerful individuals. The judiciary is the only institution devoid of political meddling that offers the finest opportunities for law graduates. As a result, a judge or magistrate has entire independence in his or her job, with no intervention from the government.

Despite the option of a successful career, if you have completed your graduation but do not wish to join the workforce, obtaining a master’s in Law is the ideal alternative for you. An LLM allows you to specialize in a specific area of the law. Recruiters nowadays place a high priority on expertise and knowledge. Competence in a particular issue makes you a desirable prospect for any company. A better job and a better package are waiting for you on the other side of a postgraduate program.

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