Reliable and Safest Car Towing Service East Orange NJ

Car Towing Service

Towing is used for roadside assistance and many other purposes. It is required when the vehicle cannot be moved properly by driving. Towing is necessary when the problem cannot be resolved with sufficient roadside assistance. So it has to be towed to the nearest service and mechanic station. Many different techniques and methodologies are used for towing. We will discuss them shortly and will also mention the best company providing the car towing service East Orange NJ and surrounding regions and highways.

Towing Techniques

Different types of vehicles use the roads of Orange NJ. These vehicles are of different shapes, sizes, and weights. Each vehicle has to be towed diversely. The basic concept of towing is coupling two or more objects together so that they can be pulled or transported by an outer power source. This concept has many different applications. Every vehicle requires a suitable towing method for safe towing. Different parameters must be kept in mind before selecting a specific towing method. These parameters include weight, size, and shape of vehicle and source and destination and the specific route. The following are some basic towing techniques usually used.

Flatbed Towing

This is the safest towing method of all. It features a tow truck equipped with a flat surface. The vehicle is mounted on its back. Many different kinds of tow trucks are available for this purpose. They vary by size and loading capacity. Some tow trucks can handle several vehicles while others are suitable for just one. Some can even handle extremely long and heavy automobiles. This method does not require any other additional equipment like in other techniques. On the downside, this method is expensive as compared to other ones because the tow truck utilizes more fuel costs due to its heavyweight. So this method must be used for heavy or expensive vehicles.

Dolly Towing

Dolly towing is also known as two-wheel car towing. It is a cheaper method that includes a two-wheeled tow ramp on which the two front wheels of the car are lifted. It is a fairly simple method and can easily be learned. But it has some major disadvantageous. It can only be used for short distance towing. And as the rear wheels are in constant contact with the ground, the vehicle can get further damage. They are usually used for emergency towing services East Orange NJ.

Flat Towing

It is also known as Flat Tow Bar Towing or Four Wheel down Towing. It is the least expensive method than the previous two mentioned above and also the easiest to operate. This technique uses a tow bar. It is basically an adjustable steel bar. This bar is attached to the rear of the coach vehicle and on the front of the tow vehicle so that it can be dragged along. So all the four wheels of the tow vehicle touch the ground throughout the ride. The main disadvantage of this method is that before purchasing the bar you must have your vehicle properly adjusted so that the technique may work.

Best Company for Towing

T & J Towingis the best for car towing service East Orange NJ. It is the most premium option due to many factors. It is a licensed firm and is certified to offer towing and other roadside assistance services in the area. The personnel is highly trained and well-equipped. They have a great experience in towing and have a history of satisfied customers. This company is the most reliable and dependable and can handle every kind of emergency towing and assistance service as they work 24/7. They are usually even just a missed call away. You can rely on them regarding any type of towing or roadside assistance services. Call them now for more information on any help in cheap and reasonable prices.

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