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car cleaning

A car is a commodity and it is quite normal for it to come into contact with dirt and mechanical influences, even with the greatest care. Even if a little dust and dirt don’t bother you personally in everyday life: At first glance, a dirty and worn-out car looks less valuable than a highly polished, immaculate vehicle. You don’t want to clean, touch up and polish yourself? Then let the professional get to work: car preparation is the visual enhancement of a car by an expert.

Interior car cleaning

 The car is cleaned in detail from the inside. If desired, this also includes things like removing stubborn stains from seat covers, caring for leather or disinfecting the interior.

Exterior car cleaning

 The vehicle is thoroughly but carefully cleaned and cared for from the outside. This can include not only cleaning windows and bodywork, but also polishing or sealing the paintwork.

Engine and underbody cleaning

 The engine and underbody are cleaned professionally and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Smart Repair / Spot Repair: Small damage such as scratches in the paintwork, scrapes in the rims or holes in the seat covers are repaired inexpensively. This saves the sometimes very high costs for a new component or a more complex repair.

Perhaps you think that you could do many of the points from this list yourself – and of course you are right: Roughly cleaning the car inside and out is basically something you can do yourself on a regular basis. Below are tips for DIY car cleaning? However, as the name suggests, professional car preparation is far more professional. The experts are specially trained to upgrade the vehicle gently but effectively. They have the necessary expertise and the right materials and tools to recondition all parts of the car so that they look like new. When the professionals have finished mending scratches and cracks, you as a layperson will hardly see any of them. In a nutshell, skilled car dressers manage

Exactly which services are included depends on the provider. When cleaning the interior, it is z. For example, it is seldom common for leather care, upholstery cleaning, odor neutralization or the targeted removal of animal hair to be included in the price – this almost always incurs additional costs. And in the outdoor area you usually have to assume that the high-gloss polish is not included in the offer with cheap offers.

The exact costs also depend heavily on what condition the vehicle was in before. If there is little effort, it is usually cheaper for dens. And a visibly worn vehicle creates more work for the car dresser and therefore slightly higher costs for you. The size of the car can also play a role: it takes longer to clean and maintain a van than a small car.

Tips for the do-it-yourself

What can you do yourself? Brief tips for interior and exterior cleaning. Especially when the pollution is not particularly severe, you can clean and maintain many things on your car yourself relatively easily, e.g. B.:

Tips for exterior cleaning

The first step is to rinse off coarse dirt, such as dust and pollen, from the car with water. Whether you drive to the fully automatic car wash or prefer to work by hand in the self-service wash box is a matter of taste. If you find particularly stubborn dirt such as resin or insect residues on the car, you can soak them briefly with a special cleaner so that you can wash them off later without much scrubbing.

After the rough preliminary cleaning, you can clean the outside of the car with car shampoo and a soft cloth. Make sure to rinse the cloth regularly: if dirt builds up on the cloth, you could use it to scratch the paintwork. When you have finished cleaning, you can rinse off the shampoo with clean water and dry your car with a soft, dry cloth. You can then clean the pre-cleaned windows and the exterior mirrors with glass cleaner.

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