Car Maintenance Tips For The Spring Season

car maintenance tips

Spring is just around the corner. This means family vacations, get-togethers, long-trips, and long drives.

But, before you can hit the road, you must ensure that your car is in good condition. Otherwise, you may experience unpleasant surprises along the way.

Change Oil And Filters

Neglecting oil and its timely replacement can cost you more than you can imagine. It can badly affect your filters and pipes. Neglecting their care can corrode them sooner. This can lead to poor engine performance. It can also result in high fuel consumption.

Go to your mechanic and get your cars’ oil and filters checked.

Check Your AC

You don’t want hot air coming out of your AC filters in the scorching sun of spring. Ensure that your vehicle’s AC is working by checking it before going on a trip. Turn on your AC and ensure that works properly on all levels. If you sense any problems with your Ac then it’s time to contact a mechanic to have it fixed. Ensure that all your AC fans and compressors are in good working condition before heading out on a long road trip.

Examine Your Emergency Kit

Spring is a great time to update your emergency kit. You may have stored many things for winter season emergencies, such as tire chains, boots, winter jackets, or more. But, maybe it’s time to update it with new tools and equipment for your springtime trip.

Make sure that your emergency kit has a water bottle, rope, jack, spare tire, and flashlights. Always keep it with you whether you are going on a long trip or just to a shop nearby.

Check Your Tire’s Tread

Sheer winter conditions can take a beating of your tires. Even in spring, there can be unexpected slippery road conditions along the way.

Make sure to check your tires’ condition before heading out on a long journey. Invest in  high-quality tires so that they last for years to come. 

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Your vehicle’s wiper blades become damaged from the harsh winter and icy conditions. Mechanics recommend changing your wiper blades every six months. This avoids them from scratching your windscreens and helps to clean them perfectly. The spring season is the perfect time to change your wiper blades to be used for the next six months.

Examine Your Mirrors And Lights

This one is perhaps the most important consideration before heading out anywhere. Checking your mirrors and lights is essential as it helps you see the road ahead. It also warns other drivers if you are about to make a turn.

Damaged lights and mirrors can be disastrous for you. Therefore, it is vital that you check your headlights, backlights, side mirrors, windscreens, and others to make sure everything is good.

Keep A Contact Number Of Car Emergency Services

It is advisable to have a contact number of a reliable car recovery service in case you run into any emergency or problems. Such services can provide you with emergency towing services, roadside assistance, tire services, and more.

Check Your Car’s Fluids

It’s not only your oil that you need to check. There are other fluids that you must also check to ensure that your car is working well. These may include:

  • Gear oil
  • Engine oil
  • Radiant coolant
  • Brake fluid
  • Power steering fluid

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