Car Care


Car care is all about maintaining the look of your car by controlling the ageing effect. This is done by protecting the car surface which is exposed to external abuses such as scratches, oxidation and other external contaminations. Car detailing is a concept of addressing every inches of a car from dull condition to its factory-condition.

First phase of car detailing is cleaning from dirt & debris using paint-safe chemicals.

Cleaning & Decontamination

Using good quality Iron removers, you can remove break-dusts and iron fallout on your car paint & wheels. If you don’t remove these, these iron contaminants can get bonded to the paint and slowly oxidize and corrode. Proper wheel cleaning brushes along with pH-neutral cleaners can safely clean car wheels.

Another issue is cars collect lots of tar and asphalt contamination during everyday use. When you prepare the car for a wax or coating, these tar spots should be removed. Good quality All-Purpose Cleaners (APC) can be used for any stain removal & cleaning of interiors and special leather cleaners are required for cleaning leather seats. And degreasers are very helpful in cleaning all dirt and stubborn oily stains.

Claying is also essential to get rid of the surface contaminants that are bonded with the paint and were not able to get removed by normal cleaning & washing. There are conventional as well as synthetic clays. Clay lubes should be used as lubricants at the time of claying to avoid any marring.

Car Washing Tools & Chemicals

Using proper ph-neutral car wash shampoo for car washing is very important as an aggressive car shampoo could rip the wax or coating protection on your car. pH-neutral car wash liquids ensure a safe car washing. There are foam shampoos used with foam lance which can provide a pre-wash. The ceramic infused shampoos and other wash & wax shampoos can maintain your car and endures your car’s protection. Special matte shampoos are available which can ensure any damage to the matte look.

Quick Detailing

Quick detailing (QD) products can get your car ready in no time. Always use quick detailers with proper soft towels to avoid any accidental marring on paint surface. There are exclusive matte care products are also available for take care of matte painted cars.

Paint correction

Paint correction involves removal of any paint defects such as swirls, scratches and oxidation. This is achieved by polishing using proper abrasive products such as polishes or compounds and pads.

Paint Protection

Paint protection is all about sealing the finish of the car after the cleaning & correction phase. Plastics are protected using special plastic protection products. Wheels & tyres have special products designed to protect them from abuses. Paint protection products are ranging from natural waxes to ceramic coatings.

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