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In this tech era, where technology increases every day, you can make your driving experience more enjoyable. You may ask how? Well, this will happen with all new trending car accessories and advanced tech parts. With the advancement of the modern world, one must have these car accessories to make life easier. 

Further, in this blog, we will separate these accessories based on their need like driving, emergency, safety, etc. So, let’s have a look at some of the must-have car accessories and tech gadgets:

For Driving:

Car phone holder

Using a cell phone while driving can be a tough and risky task. Most of the countries don’t allow phone usage while driving any vehicle. But sometimes, there is an urgency to answer any call or you may have to navigate your route through a phone map. To tackle these situations, a car phone holder is the best accessory to keep you and your phone safe.

Dashboard grip pad

Grip pads are anti-slip, easy to mount on the car dashboard, and best to hold cell phones, sunglasses, and key chains. There is negligible or very minimal installation required. You simply need to put your silicon-based grip pad on the dashboard and it will grip the surface.

Bluetooth FM transmitter

A Bluetooth FM transmitter is a hands-free device that lets your music and calls stream directly through a Bluetooth device to your car’s FM stereo system. And, if it also has a built-in microphone, then it will make your driving safer.


One of the coolest car accessories, dash cams are mounted on the dashboard of a car. This small digital camera is perfect to shoot a driver’s journey. Also, it ensures your safety as its footage can demonstrate who is responsible if you meet with an accident.

Reversing camera

A reversing cam is a special kind of rear-view device that helps you in parking. This device is specially designed to provide your vehicle a backing aid and to improve the rear blind spot, ensuring no damage to the car in the parking lot.

For Emergencies:

Smart car locator

A smart locator is a real-time technology that lets you find your car through your phone. All you need to do is to download an app of car locator and attach it to your built-in GPS. 

Bluetooth key finder

Another smart technology to go is a Bluetooth key finder. This device is attached to your keys and can be synchronised with your phone. It is very useful when you can’t find your car keys.

Car battery jumper

These are portable batteries that jump-start a car. Experts say one must have a jump start kit in a car while driving on the long routes. So, in case if you couldn’t find one from another driver in an emergency, then you must have your own in your car. 

Tyre pressure monitoring kit

Every year several car accidents happen due to vehicles with improper tyre pressure. Running unsafe vehicles can increase the risk, and thus you must ensure safety through optimising tyre pressure. So always keeps the tyre pressure monitoring kit for an emergency.

To Keep Things Tidy:

Car trash can

While in a car you can’t escape yourself from using tissue papers, eating packed food or so on that can create a mess. To avoid such mess, install a car trash can. This could be installed or simply hung on the back seat cover, door,or behind the centre console.

Car vacuum

Car vacuums are portable hand devices to keep your car clean. These cleaning devices are very handy to use anywhere and anytime, making your car interior clean always.

Console organiser for extra storage

Bring a little organiser right between your seats and console so that you can keep your phone, keys, coffee cups, and sunglasses, and so on. The organiser helps you to keep your extra things and make your car organised.

Car seat organiser

If you like to keep plenty of emergency items in your car, then a car seat organiser is a must accessory to buy. This small portable item is made of material like polyester and easily fits on your car seat to keep your emergency needs handy.

Car boot organiser

Keeping a lot of things scattered in your car trunk makes it difficult to find in an emergency need. A car boot organiser is a must-have accessory and easy to carry to keep all things organised in the car back area. This way, you could find them easily in your difficult situation.

All the above-said accessories and gadgets are smart age technology that also maximises your car’s resale value. So, upgrade your car with these accessories today.

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