Can You Freeze Chicken Broth Or Grease?


Chicken broth or grease can make all your meals so much tastier and it’s healthier than using store-bought concentrates. When you earn enough chicken broth or grease to last you a while, you may want to freeze it to keep it longer. If you also like to make your chicken broth, we can help you figure out the best way to freeze it.

Can you freeze chicken broth or grease?

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Is it safe to freeze the cooked chicken broth or grease?

Making large batches of chicken stock for later use in recipes such as soups or stews is a long-standing tradition. Chicken stock can be frozen and then thawed before use in various recipes.

How to freeze chicken broth or grease?

  • The key to successfully freezing chicken broth or grease is to start with the freshest stock possible.
  • Cook the stock according to your recipe, then skim off any foam on top.
  • Strain any vegetables from the broth to obtain a clear liquid.
  • Let the broth come to room temperature.
  • For lower-fat chicken stock, chill the stock in the refrigerator until the fat rises to the top.
  • Then skim off the fat from the broth.
  • To store in freezer bags, place the freezer bag in a large bowl.

For the easier filling, fold the top of the bag over the edge of the bowl.

  • Pour the chicken broth or grease into freezer bags and then seal the bags, leaving a little space at the top to allow for expansion.
  • By freezing the broth in equal portions, it is easy to thaw the correct amount later.
  • Label and date the bags and note the amount of broth or grease in each bag.
  • Then lay it flat in the freezer and stack them on top of each other for easy storage.
  • Chicken broth or grease can also be frozen in hard freezer-safe containers.
  • Fill the container and leave some space to allow for expansion.
  • Place a layer of plastic wrap over the broth to protect it from frost burn.
  • Seal, label, and date the container with the amount of chicken broth or grease in the container

How to keep chicken stock longer?

If you want to be sure that your chicken broth or grease will be good for a long time, you should get a vacuum sealer. While you may be wondering how exactly you can mix the two, we can tell you that you need to freeze the stock first.
So place it in whatever container you want to use, put it in the freezer for a few hours until it hardens a bit, and then use a vacuum sealer on it. This will draw all excess air out of the container and seal it perfectly, allowing you to keep the stock for longer.

How to defrost chicken stock or grease?

To thaw, remove the chicken stock from the freezer and let it thaw for several hours or overnight in the refrigerator.
Use in your favorite recipe and consume within two days of thawing.

How to dispose of chicken broth or grease?

To dispose of Chicken broth or grease is not an easy job like freezing. Chicken broth, unlike chicken broth, can be thrown into the kitchen sink. Broth made from chicken and water just doesn’t solidify, so it won’t clog the pipes. Take extra care by moving more water and detergent down the sink after spilling.
It’s important to know the differences in chicken fat, broth, stock, and drippings. You can decide what to throw down the drain with ordinary cooking oil.