Can MBBS in the Philippines help the students?

mbbs in philippines

A great career success needs great decisions and a visionary path. One of the most important courses includes MBBS. As MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medical and Bachelor of Surgery. The white coat holders are responsible for saving the lives of ill-treated citizens. Education is one of the most important needs for modern students. Having in-depth knowledge is a major requirement for the medical aspirants who gather over to a particular country. At the time of COVID or pandemics, the doctors have shown who are the most important people in critical times. Study MBBS in Pillipines is one of the most prioritized countries among all the major hubs in the world. Having great educational expertise, with great faculty is a must for the students. Even the low cost of education is a sigh of relief for the guardians who are sending their children abroad. And even recognition of the course to the major organizations in the World works as icing on the cake. One of the most recognised universities namely UPHSD Philippines University of Perpetual Help System DALTA, Philippines) is a major factor in the medical industry. A little information about the country with solving every medical applicant’s queries will be discussed.

More about the Philippines

Philippines is a country located in South-East Asia. it is one of the most recognised countries for medical aspirants. Students from all over the World gather here to grab the best educational needs for them. The country has its own beauty and best eating and cultural environment. A country that feels like any other European country. The country has overall 10,000 international students gathering here to grab one of the most recognized courses in the World. The country also has a low FMGE passing percentage. FMGE stands for Foreign Medical Graduates Exam. Ama School of Medicine and UPSHD are one of the best options for the students in the country.

Major Myths about studying in the Philippines

As studying in the Philippines is one of the best options for medical applicants. Though even having such mentioned benefits the students fear taking admission here. The myths are as follows – 

  • The major myth about MBBS Abroad in the Philippines if the high cost of education with expensive living is a fearful factor for the students and guardians. Though in reality Philippines has quite low tuition costs and living according to the quality education provided to the students. Best medical colleges in Philippines also provide scholarships and discounts for applicants who are eligible for them. 
  • Students are also feared regarding the different cultures and environments. As having anxiety they refuse to settle for a long time in other countries. But in fact aspirants from all over the World gather here to form a great living environment. They form a cross-cultural environment and thus grab knowledge from all over the World. 

Admission Process for medical students

The country doesn’t have a tough admission procedure, though some students fail to get admission to universities. They fail to submit the required documents and meet the basic eligibility needs. The basic eligibility includes 


They should have majorly the documents mentioned below – 

  • NEET Scorecard
  • 12th Transcripts
  • 10th Transcripts
  • Medical Certificate of the student
  • Financial proof of the student
  • 2 original passport size photograph
  • Orignal passport photocopy


Applicants should meet the bare minimum requirements as follows – 

  • They should have a bare minimum of 50% in the main subjects which are Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 
  • They should be at least 17 years old til the 31st of December. 
  • They should also have a minimum of 200 marks on the NEET Scorecard. NEET Scorecard is only valid for the students as there are no requirements for English proficiency Tests such as IELTS and TOEFL. 

About Some Universities

Some of the best Universities in Philippines


UPHSD Philippines(University of Perpetual Help System DALTA) is one of the most recognised universities in the Philippines. This university has a country ranking of 60th position meaning the university is among the top 60 universities in the Philippines. University of Perpetual Help System DALTA is also known for its multiple courses in the country. The major specializations are Dentistry, Pediatrics, Nursing and General Medicine.

Ama School of Medicine

AMASOM is known for its quality education and well-recognised courses among the major organizations in the World. The Ama School of Medicine has a tuition fee of 7,50,000 INR for pre-medicine and 11,25,000 INR for doctor of medicine.