5 Cakes that will make you forget you’re in quarantine


Has the lockdown taken away all the sweetness from your life?

Do you feel that your hands and legs are tied down too? Don’t worry we have got the solution for your cravings. Buy your favourite cake online and get it delivered at your doorstep. 

 Toujours bakes a varied range of mouthwatering delights. With the on going Pandemic, Toujours has a no contact delivery system which will add a happy and healthy charm to your loved ones faces.

Blue Berry Cheese Cake:

The Blueberry Cheesecakes from Toujours is something to-crave for. The top is made of the finest soft, fresh cheese, eggs, sugar and topped with fresh blueberry cream to give you that. The swirling blueberry cheese cake has a perfect balance of tangy, sweet and buttery flavor with chunks of blueberry in every bite which will make your taste buds dance to the rhythm of your heart and will have you craving for  “one more bite”

Red Velvet cheese cake:

Red Velvet cheese cake is kind of the most amazing thing ever a red velvet layer-cake with layers of cheesecake mixed in topped with cream cheese icing. The creamy layered cheese cake with a coating of red velvet is one of the most chosen desserts of all time. The unforgettable after taste will haunt you in your wildest dreams. This cake is as delicious as it is beautiful! Toujours Red velvet cake is scrumptiously moist and this cake takes a classic to new heights.

Nutella cake:

If you are somebody who eats Nutella straight from the jar you would love this as it takes you to the world of Nutella layered beautifully in a cake. The nutella cake with frosted hazelnut chocolate layered icing. Experience the smooth and heavenly taste of the delectable chocolate nutella cake. Chocolate based glazed with more melted chocolate decorates with wiping cream fits well with every dish and works perfectly to satisfy your chocolate craving. 


Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake has soft, chocolate cake layers filled with a strawberry chocolate gouache, frosted with strawberry butter cream, and finished with chocolate gouache and chocolate covered strawberries. Fresh Chocolate with strawberries is still mostly healthy especially using of high-quality chocolate with premium ingredients added. Totally delicious!

Customize cake:

Toujours lets you explore your creativity, send them or ideas and designs and get your cake ready for your desired occasion.  It adds a personal touch, It’s more than writing the name and icing some frosting on the top of these ordered custom cakes. Choose your preferred flavor and size and leave the rest to Toujours. 

Cakes from Toujours will ease your pain of not seeing the outer world. Stay home, spend time with your loved ones, help your parents, brothers and sisters. Sit in your couches, Watch Netflix, order cakes or any bakery item online and make your contribution on making the world a healthier and lively place again. 

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