Cake Decorating Tips that will make you Drool

Cake Decorating Tips

The beautifully decorated and delicious cakes have been important parts of our lives for a long time. Cakes are an expression for all of us via which we express our emotions to our loved ones. Whenever we send cakes in Canada to our loved ones, the chefs make sure to decorate the cakes as per demands. Cake decoration is necessary to express your feelings to your loved ones. It depicts what do you want to say to them to make them feel special. 

The cake decoration can be traced back to the 17th century, as it was not in existence until the 1800s. It all started with an oven that has manual temperature control that baked bread and used honey as a sweetener in the cake. Then with time, the bakers came with some new ornamentation techniques that were used to decorate the cake. They decorated cakes whenever there was any party or celebration. In those times, there were less number of tools and equipment that were required for decorating. 

Today, the tools that are required to decorate the cake are available in public. Many edible colors, beads, toppers, and many more things are available in the market for decorating. We will be discussing below how we can decorate the cake using all the materials and tools.

Design the Shape of Cake

The very first thing to decide is the occasion for which the cake is being made. Whether it is for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, or for any special day. They can be made for a huge gathering or a small get-together. It should be decided beforehand only so that one can decide the size of the cake. There are varieties of shapes in the market that you want your cake to be. The cakes can be in the form of a plain sheet or rectangular form that will be baked in a basic rectangular tray. The other is the simple round cake that we often see on every occasion. For Valentine’s Day, people usually prefer heart-shaped cake or red velvet cake as it is perfect for expressing love. Other than this, there are more varieties, such as a stack of cupcakes, multi-tiered cakes, geometric shapes, caricatures, etc. For making different shapes and sizes of cakes, different shaped pans in the market available can be used to contour the cake. Otherwise, the bakers can also give the shapes using a baking knife. It is the first step, as it will provide an idea of what the person is thinking about. 

Coating the Cake with the Perfect Toppings

After the cake is baked, the next step is to coat the cake with the right choice of topping. There are plenty of icings and frostings available in the market for the bakers to use. The most common and preferred choice of topping is buttercream. It is made up of a proper mixture of butter and sugar blended nicely. The other options for coating the cake are fondant, whipped cream, ganache, and glaze. Out of all this, whipped cream and buttercream are spread on the cake using the straight or angled spatula. The glaze and ganache are poured over the cake with a spoon. The last is fondant, which is a sugary dough and has corn syrup, water, and sugar. It is rolled over with a rolling pin into a sheet and then spread over the cake. It is then carved using different instruments to make different designs. Some other topping confectioneries that can be used in place of fondant are marzipan or modeling chocolate. 

Cake Decoration Ideas

The cake decoration is the best part as one can show their creativity in this. So till now, we saw the baking and icing, now we move onto the next step, which is the decoration of the cake. 

For decoration, pastry chefs usually start with making piping designs on the cake. They also make piping beads that surround the base of the cake. Piping can be done by putting whipped cream, buttercream in the piping bag. Other than this, royal icing is preferred for piping designs because of its property of getting hardened on cooling. The piping bags itself are enough to create plenty of designs on the cake as they come with nozzles of different designs. 

The next decorative idea is making cake toppers such as human caricatures, flowers, cartoons, etc. using the fondant. These are a good idea as fondant can be turned colorful using food colors. One can use the cake stencil that can be used to create various patterns and designs on the cake. Buttercream or royal icing can be used to fill in the area that comes inside the stencil. Other than these decorative items are jimmies, crystallized sugar, rock candies, sugar balls, etc. 

These were some cake designing steps and decoration ideas that every cake lover should know. These tips will surely be beneficial to you and help in making a delicious cake for your loved ones. If you do not have time, then one can surely get an online cake delivery in Canada at your doorstep.  

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