How Many Cake Boxes for a Pillow Cake Pan?

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The cake boxes are widely used in the bakeries, and there are many purposes behind it. Buyers think the only use of the boxes is to keep the cake safe. But the custom cake boxes are also used for the marketing of the brand. It is not hard to find a similar cake in every bakery. But you will never find the same designed box in every bakery. Everyone uses different styles to impress the customer. In the article, you will learn about the packing of the pillow cake pan. Pillow cake pan is the shape that helps the bakers to make shapes easily. It is important to pack them properly, as they are an important part of the whole process.

There are many manufacturers of cake pans. Some are famous worldwide; some are domestically, and some are local. But there are many who are about to begin. For them, it is important to keep in mind the quality of the cake packaging. The pillow cake pans are not very light in weight. You have to choose the right material for the packing of them. If you put a lot of wait on them, they will get damaged. Also, there are many who think that only one pan can get packed in one box. Reality is a bit different than this. 

Boxes needed for a pillow cake pan

If you are making a set of the pillow cake pan, then it is better to pack them all in the same box. The customer when coming to shopping, they don’t have enough time to find other pieces when they are looking for the set. While looking for the pillow cake pans made by your company, if they find some other brand pans set in a pack, they will prefer them. It is important that on the box, you mention what is inside. If you fail to give the information about the product, the customer will not show any interest in it. 

You can also determine the number of cakes pan with the size of the box. In a normal size box, if you are planning to pack 3 or 4 pillow cake pans, then you will fail miserably. Even if you able to fit in in the box somehow, the packaging will get destroyed before it reaches the final destination. Also, there are many who like to use the box for a long time. Like once using the pillow cake pan, they pack it again in the same box. So, choosing the right material for the packing is the key. You cannot ignore it in any way, even if you want too.

Cake boxes for the packing of pillow cake 

You can find pillow shape cakes at RSF Packaging. For them, special boxes are used for the packing as they are quite delicate and sometimes have more stories. There are some bakers who pack each layer separately and assemble it at your place. These use the right size box for each layer.

But there are some bakers who send the cake as a whole. They get special boxes for this purpose. The boxes are strong enough to carry the weight of the cake and keep it safe. 

Even if you are getting a single cake, it is rare that the baker will pack 2 cakes in one box. They mainly use separate boxes. So, if you are about to open the bakery, don’t hesitate to spend on the boxes, as it is going to be the backbone of your company. Also, you don’t have to arrange a huge budget for this purpose. The prices are affordable.

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