Cabify Clone App

Without a Doubt, Cabify Clone App is an Absolute Undisputed King of the On-Demand Taxi Booking Industry. Besides, it is the Only Authentic Script in the Market that offers Smart Login Feature, Drivers’ Reward Program, etc. Next, Riders can now Instantly Book Taxi Rides using their iWatches or can Directly Call the Admin Dispatcher Panel Instead.

Cabify Clone Script: Mind Boggling Features On The Go!

Obviously, Customers have to Register with this App to Book Sedans or Rent-Out Vespa Scooters on an Hourly Basis. Next, they’ll Receive Numeric OTPs on their Email IDs and Mobile Numbers for Verification Purpose. Finally, Registered Passengers Traveling with their Toddlers can Book a Ride with Child-Seat Preference! Again, it is a Holistic App that is Concerned about the Safety of both the Riders and the Taxi Drivers!

Cabify Clone: How Geo-Fencing Is A Boon?

Naturally, only Admins have the Executive Power to Geo-Fence a Shady Neighborhood and Alert the Drivers about the Same. Thereafter, the Drivers would be Forbidden to Accept Any Ride Requests To or From such Crime Prone Areas. Obviously, this Feature has been Designed for the Welfare of its Registered Taxi Drivers.

In Fact, the App Owner can also Delineate Regions where Demand for Taxi Rides are the Highest. At This Time, it is their Duty to Inform Every Driver about this Geo-Fenced Area which will Fetch More Trips! For Instance: Airport Surcharges are an Offshoot of this Concept. This is Charged Over and Above the Total Trip Fare to Allow Drivers to Earn Extra Few Bucks!

Cabify Clone App: Safety Of Women Riders’ Is Their Primary Concern!

For the Same Reason, Female Riders can Request for a Same-Gender Taxi Driver to Feel More Comfortable Throughout the Trip! And, they can also Empower their Parents and Siblings to Track their Movement in Real-Time by Sharing their Live Location.

In Addition, Riders have the Leverage to Book a Ride for Anyone from their Contacts’ List!Moreover, Passengers have the Liberty to Book Corporate Rides if they are Traveling for Work-Related Purposes! In This Case, it is the Employee’s Organization that Shells Out Money for the Trip!

Cabify Clone App Development: Buy A Genuine Script From A Firm Instead!

On the Whole, Entrepreneurs are Mesmerized with its Profit-Generating Capacity. You Earn Commission For Every Completed Trip. On the Other Hand, We Have Membership Subscription Plans. At This Point, Drivers have to Make a One-Time Payment to Buy a Plan that Fits their Budget.

Now, these Plans May Differ in Terms of its Validity Periods and the Rewards Offered. For Instance, Subscription Plans could be of Monthly, Quarterly and Half-Yearly Duration. Soon, I’ll be Talking About How to Cherry-Pick a Legit White-Labeling Firm.


Unquestionably, it is the Money Admin Earns For Every Single Click on the Third-Party Advertisement Published on its Online Portal. Again, it is an Aggressive Marketing Strategy Adopted by Tech Giants like Facebook and Google. As I have Noted, it is a Secured and Well-Constructed Source of Income for Well-Read Entrepreneurs like you.


Never Arbitrarily chose a Firm. Because it is Going to Play a Vital Role in Helping You Go Live with this App in 7 Days!But What Are the Parameters to Judge the Integrity and Reputation of the Ideal Firm?

First, Reputed and Internationally Prestigious Firms will let you Browse their Demo Apps For FREE! Second, they’d have the Industrial Experience of Many Decades in Launching such Mature Apps on an Everyday Basis! Third, they have got to have More Than 100 Video Feedbacks of their Clients on their Official Website!


Surprisingly, this Cabify Clone App has been Flourishing Despite the Pandemic Induced Financial Instability in the Market. To Demonstrate that you were born to be an Entrepreneur.

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