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If you want to stay in Dubai for an extended period – say, up to 15 years. Most visitors to the UAE remain for a longer period than they anticipated. So, unless you intend to remain for less than 10 to 12 years, buying a villa may be a good alternative for you.

If you have a big family, renting villas in Dubai is an excellent alternative. The emirate’s huge ex-pat community supports a vibrant rental market.

Some Lavish Locations to Buy or Rent a Villa in Dubai

  1. You may reside near the world’s tallest structure, the Burj Khalifa. It is feasible to build a home with a view of this magnificent property. Although this neighborhood is pricey, it is worth considering purchasing a large property. It is definitely worth the investment since it is increasing in value.
renting villa
  • Jumeirah Beach: This 7-star hotel floating on the ocean provides a wonderful view to wake up to. To appreciate the calm surroundings and blue waves, you must rent a villa. You may unwind by spending your weekends at the beach. If you live with your family, you may enjoy various activities such as parasailing and motorboat trips.
  • Near the Dubai Marina – This artificial waterway is lined by high-rise skyscrapers. It is great for everyone who appreciates aquatic activities. This region is well-known and offers a variety of enjoyable locations to unwind. A good villa, as well as a lavish villa, may be found here. You may also walk to a huge retail mall.
  • You will have a property on the Palm Jumeirah. It seems to be an ideal spot to live! The Palm Jumeirah Island is one of the most gorgeous in the world if you’re seeking luxury. The most gorgeous and expensive residences on the island will make you want to buy the whole island. From the major metropolis, the island is readily accessible. There are several eateries and activities available to singles.

Best Villa Communities to Rent a Villa in Dubai

CommunityRent for 3-bed villasRent for 4-bed villas Rent for 5-bed villas
MirdifAED 84,000AED 104,000AED 111,000
Akoya OxygenAED 54,000AED 78,000AED 80,000
Jumeirah           AED 152,000AED 173,000AED 223,000
Arabian RanchesAED 142,000AED 257,000AED 283,000
Dubai Hills EstateAED 143,000AED 162,000AED 213,000

Best Villa Communities to Buy a Villa in Dubai

Community Sales Price for 3-bed villas Sales Price for 4-bed villasSales Price for 5-bed villas
MirdifAED 2,438,000N/A N/A
Akoya OxygenAED 1,102,000AED 1,391,000AED 1,876,000
JumeirahAED 7,199,000N/AAED 12,164,000
Arabian RanchesAED 2,928,000AED 4,246,000AED 5,332,000
Dubai Hills EstateAED 3,530,000AED 4,359,000AED 6,834,000

Final Thoughts

For buying a villa in Dubai: Over 20 years, you will wind up spending less for purchasing overall, even after deducting the initial outlay. Your average monthly rent is now about Dh4,166. Not to mention that you would then be the proud owner of Dubai property, which you could sell or rent out to recoup your investment.

Renting a villa in Dubai comes with the financial burden of remaining and working in the UAE until your mortgage is paid off. Unlike in your native country, this requires you to have legitimate work (and residence) to continue receiving monthly payments. Selling your property is not as simple as you may assume, which means you might not be able to leave at the drop of a hat. The property is used as collateral for the loan or mortgage, so if you cannot repay the loan, the property is forfeited to the bank.

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