Things to remember when buying a lab-made diamond ring

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Lab-made diamond rings are getting quite popular. Especially among the Millennials and Gen Z who are aware that these diamonds are environment-friendly – apart from reflecting its typical stunning, prismatic colors.

Synthetic diamonds are processed in the lab through man-made decomposition techniques. These mimic natural processes but are faster and environment-friendly. Carbon crystals are also modified under extreme pressure and heat; they give the appearance of a natural diamond.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are Different from Diamond Stimulants

Unlike lab-grown or natural diamonds, diamond stimulants do not possess the thermal, geometrical, and crystalline properties that are desirable.

Physical properties of a diamond stimulant can be perceived by the naked eye. Thus, they are available at a cheaper rate and are not as popular as lab-grown diamonds. That is why lab-grown diamonds have an upper hand in the market. They are not only great for the environment but there isn’t a chemical or physical distinction from naturally grown diamonds.

Variety of Colors

Since synthetic diamonds are processed in the lab, they are made with different hues. Adding different compounds and hues at various compositions helps create a variety of colors that are not available naturally. Diamonds in the shades of blue and pink are absolutely rare, thus they tend to be needlessly overpriced.

On the other hand, lab-processed diamonds give mesmerizing colors like deep azure, canary, and romantic pink. Tints do not overshadow the scintillations of brilliant-cut diamonds, making the diamonds an attractive piece of art and jewelry.

Lab-grown diamonds are also used as additional ornaments on a ring – whether it is colored halls around a natural diamond ring or as adjoining diamonds on the central diamond. The colors you want in your ring can be specifically grown to cater to your needs.

Fluorescence of a Lab Grown Diamond

The main difference between a natural and synthetic diamond is that the latter has a yellow or orange tinge whereas; a lab-grown diamond has a blue fluorescence. But these differences can only be seen under a specialized UV light.

Lab-Grown Diamonds are less expensive

The lab-grown diamonds are not that cheap. Emily from FergusJames explains that lab-made diamond rings are more affordable because of the decreased processing procedures and cost. Since lab-grown diamonds are not extracted and refined, they end up saving a massive amount of time, money, and labor. Thus, significantly decreasing the price for the same brilliance and look!

Greater Creative Freedom

Since lab-grown diamonds are created from scratch, they can easily be incorporated into intricate designs and innovative settings. Although bezel, tension, channel sets as well as twisted designs are common, lab-grown solitaire rings are a special favorite. With different table settings, longer apex and desirable facets solitaire diamond rings possess greater scintillations and flashes. Thus, accounting for a stunning ring!

People love lab-grown rings because of the ease with which they can be incorporated into different settings making unique and customizable ring designs. 

Ethical Diamonds

When buying lab grown diamond rings most people are at peace knowing that they are not mined in excruciatingly hot and hazardous conditions. They are made in the comfort of labs and with immense knowledge as well as expertise. You no longer have to feel guilty about your expensive indulgences. Diamond mining has accounted for several deaths over years and they shall continue as people keep buying natural diamonds. Since synthetic diamonds are not any different from natural ones, there is an increasing shift towards buying them. They have been named as ethical diamonds since they don’t come at the price of laborers’ injuries and death. Most Millennials and gen Z individuals have become more responsible about where they’re putting their money. Thus, possessing lab grown diamond isn’t not only seen as a status symbol but also regarded as a responsible decision.

In conclusion, the lab made diamond rings is becoming increasingly popular. They also possess a great investment value since manufacturing impeccable diamonds is still a limited process, requires skilled craftsmanship, and has massive demand. Thus, they make for one of the favorite diamond ring trends of 2020.

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