A Guide to Buy YouTube Subscribers for Your Channel

YouTube Subscribers for channel

In YouTube, it’s all about number game. We don’t judge a channel based on the quality of the content it delivers but we judge on the number of subscribers and views on the channel. 

If you understand this number game you will know that there are many benefits of buying YouTube subscribers.

But to understand the benefits you will need to understand the importance of YouTube views and subscribers and how subscribers influence your channel.

How Subscribers Influence your YouTube Channel

Your channel is nothing without your subscribers if you have many videos on your channel but you don’t have any subscriber than it means that nobody likes your content.

It’s a clear sign that your contents need improvements. So you see how important your subscribers are.

Here are the following points on how subscribers influence your YouTube channel:-

  • Helps to grow your channel 
  • Raise brand awareness
  • It improves your ranking
  • Drive sales/ROI

Now you understand how subscribers influence your YouTube channel, now the next big question is whether you should buy YouTube subscribers? Whether they are really going to be beneficial for your channel?

To answer this you need to know what are the pros and cons of buying YouTube subscribers 

Pros of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Act as a proof of success: the numbers of subscribers measures your online growth and success. More numbers of subscribers will attract more visitors to your site. As I already mentioned that it’s a number game, people tend to watch videos with a greater number of views and subscribers.

Increase Ranking on YouTube: As more number of visitors will be attracted to your site your watch time will also increase gradually which will lead to higher ranking 

Don’t cost much: if you compare to your time, buy youtube subscribers India will be a lot cheaper. There are many SMM panels that are providing a very cheap price. You can buy from them at a cheaper price and give a head start to your channel. 

Cons of Buying YouTube Subscribers

Scammers are everywhere: To be honest, more than half of these subscriber providers are fake and doesn’t provide real subscribers. And buying bot subscribers won’t help your YouTube channel 

Irrelevant YouTube Subscriber: if your channel has a lot of irrelevant subscribers then they are not going to watch your videos. And if your subscribers don’t watch your videos then it’s worthless to buy such subscribers.

Bots or Fake Subscribers: Cheap is not always best, there are many subscriber providers who promise to provide you subscribers for cheap but their quality is very low. This type of subscribers doesn’t look good in the eyes of YouTube and may suspend your account permanently.


Buying YouTube subscribers can be good but don’t forget about the scams going on in the market and always buy subscribers from trusted sites.

Instead of buying subscribers, you can run ads of your channel on Facebook and Google at the same price. This will be the best alternative to buying YouTube subscribers.

A suggestion from my end is don’t buy subscribers in bulk as a sudden increase in your subscribers can be suspicious to YouTube and they may find out how you do it. So buy in small quantities.

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