Want To Buy A Watch For Your Kid?

watch for kid

A kid’s first watch is something that he or she will always remember. A watch, despite telling time, is a sign of your child’s transition to adulthood. Kids love their first watch and if it given to them as a present, it can create an unforgettable memory. It is better to visit the best online watch store after you read the complete guide.

Right Watch at the Right Time

The most commonly asked question is: how to know when your kid is at the right age to have a watch? The answer is not the same for everyone. The right time is when you feel your child starts interacting with clocks or time. Usually a kid at 5 years of age starts this interaction. However, they cannot read analog clock at this time. So, the best time is at your kid’s 5th Birthday. Scroll through the trendy baby g watches on sale to choose the watch that your kid will love the most.

For A Baby Girl or a Baby Boy?

If you are going to buy a watch for a baby girl, color selection matters a lot. For girls, typically baby pink or white coloured watches are mostly preferred. However, it is not the only choice, girls’ watches come in cool designs and themes such as barbie and frozen. While this selection is not apt for boys, boys’ watches can be black, red, blue or even green. Boys love the superheroes or ben10 themed watches. Whether it is for a boy or girl, variety of choices are available at the best online watch store to choose from.

Confused About Analog Or Digital? 

Digital watches are suitable for kids aged under 5. Kids at this age normally do not understand how to read an analog timepiece. Kindergarten kids are familiar with numbers and start interacting with time. Kids at this age cannot deal with analog watches. Usually children at age 8 or 9 understand how to read an analog watch. At this age it is more suitable to gift your child an analog watch. Analog watches greatly help improve the mathematical skills of the kids. 

Durability Features

The watch should be sturdy and durable to sustain for years on a kid’s wrist. A kids’ watch should be scratch and dust resistant and should be made up of unbreakable material to be able to bear the knocks and bumps during child’s activities. It should also be water proof so that it does not hinder in the kids’ routine activities. Moreover, it should be made of hypoallergenic material for the kids’ sensitive skin

Design Features

Kids’ watches come in metal as well as plastic cases. Metal is more durable, and in case of aluminum also light-weight. Whereas, plastic has more style to it, and look a more on trend. Similarly, the band can be of plastic, fabric as well as leather. The choice should be made according to the taste of your kid. What he/she likes and also what looks good on him/her. 

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