Checklist to Buy and Sell Used Cars in Dubai

cars in Dubai

Cars are an essential part of Dubai, as residents of Dubai used it to move from one place to another. People drive cars to their workplace, or to spend a weekend to somewhere near Dubai. This article is meant for those who want to buy and sell cars in Dubai. This article includes the following checklist which can simplify matters, reduce risk and can convert the transaction into a hassle-free affair.

Checklist before buying a second-hand car

There is a challenge you have to face and that is the car you need to buy. It comes before buying process of a second hand car.

When you are buying a second-hand car, you might be persuaded very easily. Instead, prepare a list of your desired ones, and then take a look at the price of those cars and finally select the one based on your requirements. That is why a checklist is utmost needed and we are bringing it to you.

Condition of the car

The car which you are buying must be in good running condition and must be a good value for money so that it can be considered as a good value for money. Just go for a test drive and check all the major systems by a trusted mechanic like engine, cooling, wheels, transmission. These checks will help you to know whether the car is well maintained or not as the seller claims. You can plan for the repairs and maintenance, which you could include for your budget.

Registration documents

There are some facts you need to be cleared before buying a used car in Dubai. Is the seller is the real owner of the car? Is this the first or the second time the car is being resold? It can be identified by the owner serial number mentioned in the RC book or the smart card.  Make sure that the seller is providing you all the details including the original invoice, NOC from the car loan provider and road tax receipt.

The car’s transfer is affected when you and the seller sign on the RTO form 29 and 30. Further, the seller must submit form 28, which is the NOC for transfer of the car.

Documents required

·        car sale proof

·        proof of the delivery of the car

·        a new RC book which is issued in your name.

·        request from the seller for cancellation of the policy

·        application for the transfer of the policy.

written contract

based on an oral agreement, don’t finalize your car’s sale. Have all the written contract including the condition of the car, the sale price and the effective date of transfer of ownership to the buyer, along with the registration and insurance details.

Car maintenance records

The records of repairs and maintenance performed on the car can help you to negotiate a better price. This not only proves that you are a very responsible owner, but it will also prove that your car was indeed maintained properly all the time.

Just do your homework well. You can use online and offline resources and service providers. Last but not the least; make use of your common sense to strike the right deal when buy and sell used cars in Dubai. 

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