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perpetual award plaques

At PlaqueMagic, we know that one of the most common ways that organizations display employee achievements, showcase company accomplishments, and applaud milestones reached is by using perpetual award plaques. That is just one the many reasons PlaqueMagic was created!

Award & Sign, the parent company for PlaqueMagic, opened for business in the late 1980’s in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Over the years, Award & Sign has produced countless perpetual award plaques and tons of plates have been engraved for our clients and their organizations.

Throughout her experience in the industry, the founder and President of Award & Sign knew that there was a need for change. She wanted to develop a unique product that provided solutions for some of the common issues customers faced when using traditional perpetual plaques. She wanted something visually different than the standard dark wood plaque with gold or silver plates. Something that would allow for instant recognition and would not be difficult to maintain. Something that was built on her knowledge of industry technology combined with an unwavering passion to celebrate people and their accomplishments in a way that was meaningful and memorable. 

Some of the universal problems were that a perpetual plaque was created and kept updated for a while, but then people stopped using them for one reason or another or got so far behind that the plaque lost its meaning or purpose. Customers often complained because of the engraving costs each time that the plaque would need updated and the turnaround time to have the plates produced. Sometimes people just let their award program fizzle out because they didn’t have the time or didn’t want to take the plaque off the wall and tote it to the store each time to have the new names added.

So, taking her knowledge, experience and passion for all things recognition, Sherry’s vision began to take shape. With the help of her team, they designed a one-of-a-kind DIY line of perpetual award plaques that are foundationally like the traditional version but with a little bit of magic added! Plaques that are easy to maintain right from the user’s home or office that can be personalized and customized to be relevant in design to the industry it is serving, and the recognition is immediate. After all…most people appreciate public recognition. It just needs to look good! It sounds quite magical really, and it IS! In fact, that is why it was named it PlaqueMagic!

Since it’s inception, PlaqueMagic products have continued to evolve, grow, and improve, bringing perpetual plaques to a whole new level and placing them in a league of their own for so many reasons! Here are just a few:

  • There are currently nearly 200 backgrounds to choose from both general and theme-specific so there is something for everyone in every setting from corporate offices to coffee shops and everywhere in between
  • The digital graphics are reproduced with photo-lab quality dye sublimation inks, making for an array of stunning background options and endless customization choices
  • PlaqueMagic backgrounds can be personalized with title, text, logos and more to reflect the business, brand, and people of the organization. They are truly one-of-a-kind!
  • The plaque boards come in black, cherry and walnut and are available in various sizes, allowing for 12, 18, 24, 32 or even 40 plates allowing for perfect coordination to the environment where it will be displayed, and it’s intended recognition purpose
  • They are so easy to use and maintain. Customers receive everything needed in the PlaqueMagic DIY kit to keep the plaque going and to provide instant recognition to their valued recipients.
  • PlaqueMagic DIY kits are cost-effective and convenient with no trips back and forth to the trophy store for engraving each time