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As a beginner, you usually buy a mountain bike completely: a frame, two wheels, four tires, a saddle, a handlebar, two brakes, a powertrain (read gear) and a front fork. Sounds pretty logical right? But there are different types of quality and types per part, which means that you will be faced with a huge number of choices when you purchase a mountain bike. That is why I explain per section what is important to you. Mountain Bike Riding In Your budget is the best thing you need as a rider.

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Where will you Drive mountain bike?

Where you ride will determine which bike suits you. Are you mainly driving in the Netherlands or do you often want to go abroad, where the terrain is hilly and bumper? What is the terrain on what your fixed route will be when you drive in the Netherlands? This influences many decisions that you have to make after this. Consider this and keep it in mind. Of course, this is not the only thing that influences these decisions, but also whether you go for comfort or speed, your age can affect, possible injuries, etc.


Two things play a role in the frame. Namely the material and the dimensions or size.

With the material, you have a broad choice of aluminum or carbon. For most users, aluminum is sufficient, but if you pay attention to the weight, carbon is also a good choice. Read more about various types of material here. The right size is very important because a bicycle that is too small or too large can cause physical complaints. With the correct adjustment of the saddle and handlebars, you can optimize a number of things afterward, but of course, it is best to immediately buy a good size Best Mountain Bike under 300. Thanks to our body scan device, we can meet you at Fiets! measure completely and determine all correct distances and dimensions for you. Come by and avoid a bad buy!


Depending on the use, you opt for a basic assembly (eg Shimano Alivio) or a more expensive one (eg Shimano XTR). When you mostly cross through forests, the material has more to endure than when you mainly cycle on the paved road. Weather also plays a role here, since the material suffers more from weather conditions such as rain and mud. This final assembly applies to virtually all parts on the MTB in Best Budget price (crankset, gears, brakes, etc.), except the front fork and damper.


Good brakes are crucial for a Mountain Biking. Broadly speaking, we distinguish four types. Hydraulic rim brakes are easy to maintain and have a large braking force. The price and the less good braking power in bad weather and mud are disadvantages. The hydraulic disc brake has good braking power, even in bad weather. The disadvantage of this system is that it is expensive and if you fall with your Best Budget Mountain Bike Riding it can quickly break. The mechanical disc brake requires a lot of braking power and is difficult to maintain. The advantage is that it brakes well in all weather conditions. V-Brakes are cheap and have good braking power, although not always in bad weather. The disadvantage of this system is that it does not work well for all models.

Tires and wheels

There are different types of mountain bike tires; from slippery street tires to tires better adapted to rough terrain. Special tires such as tubeless tires are tires with more grip but are more expensive in price. Most mountain bikes have 26-inch wheels (660 mm). The latest trend is the so-called 29 people with 29-inch wheels.

Wheel mounting

In addition to the material used for the frame, the wheel attachment used is also important. The first option is the quick release (QR). You might know this from a racing bike. The somewhat better frames, however, use thru axles. This type of mounting increases the stiffness in your wheels (less up and down movement).

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