5 Reasons to Buy Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans to Make a Perfect Cup

roasted coffee beans

‘Coffee smells like magic and fairytales’. Well, good-quality coffee surely does. Most of you have been using packet or pouch coffees to satisfy the coffee-lover inside you. But why not choose the best option available? Whenever you want to drink a perfect cup of coffee, keep ‘fresh beans’ in your mind. It is the ‘freshness’ of the product that determines how flavorful or aromatic it will be. But are you unsure about the freshness of your pouch/packet products? I have a solution just for you!

Start using coffee beans. Yes! You will find many Calgary coffee roasters who sell high-quality beans that will make your coffee 100 times more fresh and flavorful. So, when you can grind it yourself, why go for stale and second-grade powder coffee! 

How does the coffee differ when you buy them from coffee roasters? Read on to know more.

The Difference that Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans Make in Your Coffee is-

Nothing Beats a Fresh Cup

If you are an early riser or a late riser hurrying to work in the mornings, coffee must be your best friend. It is the only thing you want to smell when you wake up. Not to mention that it keeps you from slouching or dozing off from the intense work pressure. So, if you are still drinking powdered coffee, it is time to change the situation.

If you buy beans from any coffee roastersyou can make a fresh cup everyday day in the morning. Unlike pre-powdered coffee, the aroma and flavor will be great as you are grinding them fresh. And well, we all know what a great cup of coffee does! Kickstarts your day of course!

Contains Oxidation

Why are fresh beans such high in flavor than regular powdered coffee? Have you been thinking about this? Well, it is because when you grind the beans, it gets oxidized. Through oxidation, compounds get fused with air molecules. It releases beautiful flavors from the coffee, not to mention the great aroma! So, visit any of the coffee roasters Calgary area and can choose any of the huge variety of beans that they have.

You can notice the difference when you visit Calgary coffee shops too. If they are brewing fresh coffee from beans, the aroma can be smelt from the opposite street. Well, what more do you want from your coffee? Get brewing, guys! The perfect cup awaits!

Has Moisture

What makes the coffee beans so different in taste than regular coffee is the moisture. This moisture is intact within the beans. And the oils present in the coffee beans are water-soluble. Well, of course, you know that!

If your coffee tastes great and smells amazing take my word, it was made from great coffee beans. Powder coffee lacks moisture. This prevents them from bringing out any flavor. Also, there is an absence of rich oils that are present in coffee beans. So, if you are in close proximity of the best coffee roasters Calgary area, pop in. Say ‘Hi’ to your server and buy any of your favorite flavored coffee beans.

Zero Contamination

Here’s a scary thought. What would happen if you leave your pre-ground coffee packet open at the kitchen counter? What if you make an omelet next? Well, your coffee might smell like an egg, when you make the next cup. To avoid this horrible situation, buy beans from Calgary based coffee roasters.

When you grind your coffee fresh, there is no chance of leftovers. Plus, your coffee won’t get contaminated with other strong-smelling substances in your kitchen.

You can Control Grind Size

This will make you feel like the ultimate boss. With pre-powdered coffee, you are restricted to having only a few varieties of coffee. Well, I don’t consider anything like coffee, if it does not smell good! Anyways, when you buy beans from any coffee roaster, you can make any kind of coffee. The grind size will be in your hand. Since the grinding decides the flavors of the coffee, you can change it as per your requirement. You can learn coffee roasting Calgary if you visit any of the roasters. They will be happy to help.

Do you want to know the best roasters in the city? Visit the website, Roast Love. Many other websites too, have authentic information about the local coffee roasters who sell the best coffee beans. What are you waiting for? Get the beans and start grinding! The next cup of coffee will be divine.