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Looking at a business which has the independent success standings. How a company moves with having the point of success?

The business starts after an individual has passed from the stage of education. At the same time, we have the masters in the field of marketing. The process begins with the plannings. The plan that is the first draft, then it comes on to the shape of the implementation. The business plan after moving from the process of planning’s. It gives out the figure like the following: 

Core Strategy

Our core strategy is to maintain the long term relationship with customers to have the revenues as high as possible. As a result, as time has passed, this brand has been found in the hearts of the customers due to the following reasons:

  • Quality 
  • Time 
  • Effectiveness 
  • Efficiency 

The reason our core strategy has been into the success “we capture the customer’s taste and trends. The brand has received different awards concerning fulfilling the core strategies. The awards are:

  • Brand winner award ( 5 times)
  • Consumer Choice Award ( 3 times)

Move over the brand’s future core strategies is to establish the outlets in different regions worldwide. We are planning to make the brand recognized as an international brand. We will have online dealings internationally (licensing), and then slowly we will start with launching the outlets in the UK, US and so on.

Core Branding Elements


We will be designing brochures of our hot items. These brochures would then be distributed all over the country, promoting our product with the best deal.


Our logo design will be attractive and unique to capture the customer’s mind and create a strong brand image.


Our product’s images are designed to fit the online presence with convey design and build quality of the product.


The website is designed in a very informative and user-friendly way. The website includes listing all our products with the pricing, which helps the buyers know the product and its details before placing an online order. The website also consists of an online chat option that supports the problems and the choirs of the customers by a customer care representative.

Product/Service Innovation


We are conducting seminars and presentations into different companies as introducing their product by giving our effect for free. In return, we receive the amount of our product from the Company. The factor we reach to the level of sales.


Our Company physical showroom is at shariah – e- Faisal. We facilitate our clients by taking the phone calls and having the Q and A discussion session facility.  


Our clients get discounted offers on purchasing the products. We often offer 20% off on some of the categories, and sometime we will also provide a 50 % discount.


Our Company has annual engagement 10 – 15 million.


  • We also provide vouchers as alliancing with different companies, and the validation of the voucher is for one week.
  • The other thing that we offer is customizing material such as home decor is done on an urgent basis.

Price Rationale

Our pricing strategy is based on the quality of the material used. As a company, we have high prices concerning our competitors, but the quality we provide has its quality. “Once consumers buy a table of our company has to shop again from the same company due to high quality with ignoring the high price”. We aim to produce a thing that cost higher but at the same time last for a longer duration.

Marketing Materials

Our motive to expand our operations with the different marketing strategies such as using the marketing tools to do the long hour duration work to be completed in seconds effectively.

Marketing Kit

Our marketing kit will capture the individual prospect by the frequently asked questioned, in this section, whatever the question customer faces will be solved by answering it.

Other Aspect 

The following are the other aspect that will be captured and considered in our marketing kit:

  • Rankings of clients 
  • Service by research and development 
  • Surveys 
  • Customer relationship management data 

 Case Study Plan

We will be providing proper book manuals and CD’S, which will give the customers a clear idea and image of the product on how it’s made and all its features.

Customer Testimonials 

We have a “how we can improve” option on our website once our customer is done scrolling through or purchasing. We have also trained all our employees, precisely the once at the counter, to always ask customers to fill in the questionnaires provided by our research and development department.

Web Plan

Colour schemes, good content and good quality of images are the most vital tools for creating any website attractions. We will ensure maximum interest in our website including company newsfeed, newsletter, list of partners, customer personal web portal, services we are offering, packages, our qualified team, and positive testimonial of customers and achievement accomplished (which will be later of course). It will also have a direct chat option and customer call back option where the customer will leave their details, and they will be contacted on the same day. All these activities will help our visitors know, like and trust us, and build their interest to come in contact.

Social Media Plan

Our Company will be targeting a lot of audience through its social media. We will be focusing mainly on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

The effective strategy that we would be playing newly launched products and various products daily. This way, all our interested customers will be updated on our latest stock and collection. 

We will also be having fun related Q&A games on our social media platforms with small prizes for customers. This will increase the traffic and customer interest and engagement on our website.


The Summary of the blog is that a business plan can be made with Business Applications. It is mandatory for the business that it should have the planning first before the implementation. This blog provides information on how a business plan is made. What aspects are included in a plan along with the same example follow up the making of plan is elaborated.

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