9 Skills your Business Needs to Drive Digital Transformation

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Every single company in today’s world has gone or is going through a very vital phenomenon of digital transformation. Operations of all business forms have been completely changed after the emergence of computers in the world, where at present, all business firms, in some sense, are dependent on computers. 

Since the world is dependent on tech in many forms, it becomes vital for a business firm to follow certain forms of digital skills to grow. In this article Aarif Habeeb – a SEO Expert sharing essential skills like digital marketing your business needs to drive digital transformation.

9 Skills Your Business Needs to Drive Digital Transformation

1. Digital Literacy

To grow in today’s world, a company must have digitally literate and aware employees. It does not imply that all the employees need to be experts in coding and other computer-related technicalities. Still, they must be familiar with digital advancements and know how things work in the digital world. 

Now digital literacy is basically like knowing how sentences are formed and not how you can write a scholarly article. For instance, A person knowing how advanced tasks like the creation of paid ads work on social media is considered digitally literate. Similarly, an employee must be digitally literate and aware of how technology affects the business they work in. 

2. Data Security

Now with the advancement of the tech world, people and business firms are often at the risk of getting breached by cyberattacks which are digital crimes to cause harm to an individual or a business. Due to this, companies are often prone to data theft, which could be confidential and vital. Hence, a company needs to have strict data security measures and protection from any digital theft to avoid any sorts of loss a company may incur otherwise,

3. Data Analysis

Digital transformation brings a big chunk of usable data to the company, which can benefit them in many ways. Still, it may fail if the company cannot understand and reap the opportunity. Data can be well used to capitalize on a company’s strengths, and data can be analyzed to determine the weaknesses and even the market demands. 

For all this, a company needs to hire a well-skilled person who understands data, can interpret it, and formulate strategies based on data analysis. A company can benefit from such employees who are well experienced in analyzing data. Hence, Data analysis has become a big part of the business.

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4. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is probably the most popular skill in the business world, which is nothing but a marketing strategy to attract people through digital sources. As important as traditional marketing techniques involving billboards, television and radio are, marketing through social media is equally important, known as digital marketing. A company needs a well-trained digital market expert team to plan appropriate strategies to sell the product or service through digital media.

5. Software Development

Software development is a skill that has been rising for the last few years and has gripped the market well. Software development operations require a good handset of coders and programmers responsible for developing your company’s website, application software, or even the digital product or service you sell. 

Besides creating the software or digital product, they are responsible for its appropriate functioning. It is a skill set of collaboration where a complete team works together on designing and creating the company’s software.

6. Artificial Intelligence

Nowadays, automation has become even more vital for a company to grow, which plays out to be a key factor for quick work. Using AI tends to reduce the time, effort, and cost of many operations performed manually in the company. 

AI has affected almost every industry globally, including manufacturing, retail, customer service, etc. Hence, your company requires a great group of employees highly skilled in artificial intelligence, Robotics, and Machine learning. 

7. Blockchain

This coming-of-age technology can be revolutionizing the market in terms of money. Digital currencies have started to grip the world economy slowly and steadily, already seeking to change how money behaves where it could eradicate the need for paper money and even converge the world with a single form of money. 

Blockchain is the technology used to track multi-step transactions to make them more secure and transparent. This technology has a high scope in the future, so companies should start thinking about hiring blockchain experts beforehand as time passes. 

8. Enterprise Mobility Management

A business has to evolve with the evolving time. Enterprises can not keep working on the same traditional method as an evolution of 50 years. The technological advancement has to be cooped with by the company as they emerge. A business must keep amending the policies they follow to keep an enterprise’s mobility well. 

9. Leadership Quality

A business does not need the traditional good leadership to run the company anymore. Businesses need leaders who tend to evolve with the evolving market and make due changes in the company that the business could benefit from. The digital era demands a leader who knows the digital world well and knows how to make a company prosper in a digital environment. 


To conclude, it is quite evident that with the digitization of the world, businesses have to evolve and change with time to survive. A good strategy formulated with keeping in mind all aspects will be something that will help in a company’s digital transformation.