3 Business Loans to Help Your Start-Up

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It is an exciting feeling to own a startup business. However, even if the business can create several opportunities, running it, might be stressful, especially if you do not have enough finance to fund it. Like other businesses, there are costs you will need to take care of. If you do not have enough cash flow, the business might not grow according to your expectations. But you should not worry because nowadays there are financial alternatives that can help your start-up business grow. There are many business loans to consider. So, which are the best ones for your start-up business? Let us look at a few of them here below.


This loan is regarded as the best for start-up businesses when compared with other business loans. Not all lenders can offer you a loan out there. Therefore, you will have to apply to multiple lenders, which is time-consuming. But with Lendio, you only fill out one short application. If you get approved, you are offered numerous loan offers that your business qualifies for. Therefore, it will be easy to pick the one that suits your business. But there are some requirements you have to meet to qualify for this start-up business loan. Those with businesses that aren’t more than six months old cannot be eligible. Additionally, the minimum credit score you should have is 550. Lendio works with several lenders, and therefore, the chances of getting funding for your business are high. Additionally, it has loan management software that helps it process loans and grow its customer base. So, why should you go for Lendio loans? You get your money fast if approved and also personalized guidance. You need to pick the right loan with lower interest rates.


This is the best loan option for those with a bad credit score. Nowadays, almost every lender has to check your credit score before approving your loan application. Fundbox does not rely on your credit score. It has an automated application that checks your business bank account. Even those with lower credit scores should apply for this loan. However, borrowers must meet some requirements to get approved for loans. Their start-up business should be more than six months plus raise the revenue the more than $50,000 annually. The interest rates for this loan are high so, it should be your last option if you do not qualify for other loans because bad credit score.

OnDeck Loans

This is the best loan option for repeat borrowing. First-time borrowers should not go for this loan because they can enjoy the best deals. Repeat borrowers can get reduced fees and lower APR on loans. If you have a start-up business, you should fund it with other loans before considering this option. But if there will be a need to borrow other business loans in the future, OnDeck is the best option for you. Start as early as possible to build a healthy relationship with OnDeck. However, like other lenders, you must meet some requirements to qualify for their loans. You need to have a minimum credit score of 600, your business should be more than one year old, plus it should have generated more than $100,000 revenue each year. As you can see, OnDeck has different qualifications, and therefore, it not for everyone or every business, so why choose OnDeck loans for your startup business? It offers lower interest rates on its loans to repeat borrowers. On top of that, it has a good reputation with borrowers. You can read their reviews to confirm this. Why is OnDeck not for everyone or every business? First-time borrowers have to pay higher interest rates, plus it requires a personal guarantee.

Final Thoughts

Even though owning a startup business can create many opportunities, it might turn stressful if the cash flow to cater to running costs isn’t enough. It would be best if you look for financial aid to help your business grow. However, make sure you meet all the set requirements by borrowers to get approved by a loan. Please make sure you read loan terms and conditions to avoid getting loans that might require you to pay higher interest rates. It is essential to consult financial experts before you apply for startup business loans to make an informed decision.

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