A Complete Guide – Build Your Own Engagement Ring

engagement ring

Finding a custom engagement ring is one of the difficult tasks to do. Nowadays, it is possible to customize your engagement ring. Well, there are a few factors that you need to consider before starting the designing process. Have a look at the following points:


If you want to customize an engagement ring, you should stick to your budget. You should never cross the upper limit of your budget while shopping for an engagement ring. The experience of purchasing an engagement ring should be filled with excitement and not worries to pay a huge amount.

If you have a small budget, then you should not worry. It is so because there are lots of options even on a small budget. You should set your budget 10 percent lower than what you can afford. In case, you have selected something that pushes you to extend your budget limit then you can do that easily. Thus, you should wisely decide your budget. Make sure that flexibility is there in your budget to afford something that can fulfill your needs and demands.  

Never assume that an attractive engagement ring always costly and you cannot afford it. Sometimes, bespoke engagement rings fall inside your budget range. If it does not fall inside your budget, you can ask your jeweler to customize it. You can add the favorite part of that ring in your customized ring. In this way, you can get your favorite style of the ring without going out of budget.


All rings have three basic elements and these are stone, band, and setting. There are various other elements along with these. But, it is a good idea to start from basic. Let’s discuss these basic elements in detail:


When we talk about engagement rings then there is a wide range of styles and types. The engagement ring can vary from the single stone solitaire to the cluster rings. The engagement rings are always comprised of stones. The different engagement rings will contain different stones of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Usually, people prefer sapphires in their engagement rings. But, diamond is not a default stone for engagement rings. If you have a small budget then you can customize your engagement ring and add another stone in place of the diamond. If you have a good budget and custom build your engagement ring then it is recommended tobuy GIA certified loose diamonds online

If you have a good budget then you can go with contrasting colors stones. Usually, a deep rich blue color stone looks perfect with the diamond halo. You can also buy ruby studded engagement rings because they also look beautiful. You should wisely choose stones for engagement rings because they make the aesthetic appeal of your ring and they can also disturb your budget. While choosing the stone for your engagement ring, you should find the balance between budget and aesthetic appeal.  


Have you ever heard about bezel or prong settings in the ring? These settings in rings are used for holding the stone studded in the ring. Bezel and Prong are two widely popular settings used for adjusting stones on the ring. Settings may be used for holding the stone, but they also affect the appearance of the ring.  

The ring settings are comprised of tension, channel, and many more. Some ring settings suit the specific style of band and stone size. While choosing the setting in your engagement ring, you should consider talking to your jeweller about the ring setting.


Most of the engagement rings are comprised of a single band of good thickness. Well, it is possible to choose a wide band that is comprised of more than two or three strands in the engagement ring. Whether you want to have a single strand or multiple strands, the choice is yours. The engagement ring with multiple stands has high strength. If you choose multiple stands ring, then the stone setting will be different.  

Metal Choice

Usually, the engagement rings are made up of platinum or white gold. But, there is no specific rule to design your own engagement ring with these two metals. You can choose yellow gold and contrasting center stone. When it comes to choosing metal, you have the flexibility to choose any metal.

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