Want To Get The Best Deals On Handyman Services? Try Gojek Clone App


Are you looking for an App wherein you can get negotiable deals on various Handyman Jobs like Home Painting, Plumbers, Carpenters, Electricians, etc.? Well, these Services can be expensive at times and a convenient feature like Service Bidding can help you save a lot. However, there’s only one App that offers such a unique feature, Gojek Clone KINGX Pro App.  


Bid for service is a fairly new, never-seen-before, and interesting component of KINGX Pro

Under this component, the users can post a task on the App and receive bids in real-time for various Service Providers like: 

  • Home Painters 
  • Electricians 
  • Plumbers 
  • Electricians 

Once the App User posts the tasks on the App, all the nearby Providers of the selected Service Category are sent the job request. It is now that the service providers can either choose to accept the request, reject it, or ‘Make an Offer’. 

If the Gojek Clone Service Provider is not happy with the price or budget that the user has offered, then they can Make an Offer to place the bid with a price suitable to them. Well, now the user and the service provider can start negotiating via the App itself until they reach an agreement. 

The user can negotiate with many interested providers and in the end, choose to hire the provider that has: 

  • Offered a good price
  • Is agreeing to do the job on the given date and time 
  • Has great reviews and ratings from previous customers 
  • An amazing experience in the said field, or
  • Has an amazing photo gallery of all their work 


Rufus has recently shifted his job. It’s been only six months, and he has already found and bought a studio apartment in Woodland Hills-Warner Center, Los Angeles, USA. Since he grew up in Togo, West Africa, Rufus is all into beaches, palm trees, and hilltops! 

He wanted a similar vacation-like feel in his Apartment. So, he called up a gazillion different home painters and interior designers. Bad luck! Each one of them quoted a higher price than his budget. 

One day, while he was scrolling through Instagram, he stumbled upon the ‘Service Bidding’ that’s offered on Gojek Clone KINGX Pro AppWell, he downloaded the App on his iPhone X. As soon as he registered on the App with a simple OTP Authentication, an entire menu of On-Demand Services appeared on the screen, from taxi booking to on-demand beauticians, food ordering, grocery shopping, etc. 

Well, he straight away went on Service Bidding Option. Here’s what he did next: 

  1. Selected Interior Designer from the ‘Bid for Service’ Category. 
  2. From the subcategory, he chose ‘For Home’.
  3. The Screen that appeared next asked him to fill out details.  
  1. In under 20 seconds after posting the task on the Gojek Clone App, Rufu started getting bids from at least 5 different Interior Designers just around his neighborhood! 
  2. All of them negotiated until one of them agreed to do the job at USD 1150! Rufus immediately checked Jeffrey Andrew’s profile, his experience, ratings, reviews, and the images in his photo gallery. Rufus was kind of impressed with his previous masterpieces and without thinking twice, he accepted Jeffery’s offer and selected to pay him via AMEX Credit Card. 
  3. The Service Provider and Rufus were now connected and talked over the Gojek Clone In-App Chatting and Calling to discuss the job! 

Jeffery visited the location at the said date and time and started the work. Impressed with the Provider’s Work, Rufu gave him a 5 Star Rating and an applauding review! 


Handyman Services are often expensive. However, with the Gojek Clone KINGX Pro App, you can now find and hire the best handyman and get the job done on a budget! 

As for the Entrepreneurs who are willing to develop and launch such a unique App, connect with a Globally Reputed White-Labeling Firm right now!