Revealed: The Multiple Uses of Bubble Wraps

packing the products in a protective wrap

Do you remember the time when you used to burst the bubbles of the wrap in which your mother got glass sets? It was a way to amuse ourselves because the bursting sound was quite satisfactory. Now, we’re all grown up, and realize the importance of bubble wraps. 

As a business owner, you want to ship products safely so that they reach the customer, and do not break midway during shipment. 

Are you thinking of ordering bubble mailers bulk for business purposes? If yes, it’s a wise decision, and we will tell you the reasons for it. 

But if you are still contemplating, let us make it simpler by sharing our thoughts and some facts through this post. Dive right into the article to find out more about bubble wrap uses. 

Protecting Fragile Items; An Absolute Necessity for Business Owners! 

Business owners will agree that some items break easily. If the item breaks, the business owner will lose the customer. You should be aware that customers do not listen to your side of the story. They will blame it on your business but not the shipping company. 

Nonetheless, as a responsible business owner, you have to pay attention to the little details like the packaging.

Bubble wraps are an excellent packaging material. The fragile items stay safe in the wrap, so when you ship the products, your mind will be at peace that the customer will get the product. And yes, the product will get delivered in one piece and not in shattered pieces. 

Great for Packaging Sensitive Items. 

Flimsy packaging can cost you! Your customers may never order from your store again if you do not pay attention to packing the products in a protective wrap

For example, it is good to package sensitive items such as electronics in a bubble wrap because these products are at the risk of getting exposed. 

Let’s say a consumer ordered a mobile phone from your online store. Would you send it in a flimsy loose plastic packet or pack it in a bubble wrap? We would count on the second one because even if the mobile falls, it will not crack or break. Bubble wraps form a protective layer, so you can be sure that the content in the package will be safe. 

Packing Delicate and Personal Items

It’s time to pack delicate and personal items safely. So, these days people order products that are special memories for them. For example, a customer may order a photo frame with their deceased mother within. Or maybe the photo is of the wedding day. People are sentimental, so packing the items in a bubble wrap will offer a protective layer. 

As a business owner, we understand that you’re in a practical field, but you have to care about your customers. When businesses care about their customers, they are able to garner more attention. That’s how customers always remember you! 

Purchasing Plush Furniture Online Requires Careful Packaging 

Since you are purchasing the bubble wrap in bulk, you must’ve thought about the purpose. For example, you run a furniture business, and you have a strong online presence. 

If customers order furniture from you, it is your duty to pack it carefully with the right kind of material. Bubble wrap is the best packaging material for sensitive and fragile items. Furniture is also fragile, so make sure you purchase a bulk load if you run an online furniture business. 

This way, the furniture pieces can be shipped safely, and your mind will be at peace that all the items will reach the customer without any breakage. Businesses incur a major loss when the items are returned to them. 

So, if you want to run a successful business, consider getting bubble wrap and other packaging materials in bulk. You can speak to the supplier about the packaging materials because they deal with businesses every day. 

All Types of Bubble Wraps! 

Bubble wraps can be of many types. For example, small-size bubble wrap is used for packing small items such as electronics, accessories, and glassware. 

Then, large-size bubble wraps are used for packaging furniture or other large pieces of furniture. Did you know there are bubble wrap envelopes too for packing books? So, it depends on the kind of business you run. Make sure you have all the bubble wraps handy for packaging your products. 

When you purchase this wrap in bulk, you get it at an affordable pricing too. Packing the products carefully will help you garner more attention from prospective customers.