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Games can undeniably be called one of the best forms of entertainment. Humans have played games ever since they know such a thing exists. Games are fun, exciting, thrilling, good for physical fitness and sometimes also financially beneficial.  A football game benefits by making you physically more fit than any other game. Whereas there is no other exciting game like the hide-and-seek where you are I-spied by another friend of yours. And if you want to experience the thrill at it’s extreme and make some money along, you can always play live roulette in a live casino where the fun further doubles if you start your gaming session by claiming a live casino welcome bonus. Games have always been there in time making human life better.

Now since the people have got busy, playable lands are going extinct, the only place left for gaming is online or on the devices that are also known as the door opener to a larger world. Mobile phones have gone bigger and better with time, providing everything that a human brain can ask for. In terms of games also, if they are unable to deliver any kind of physical benefits, mobile phones strive to give all other benefits of the game. You can find plenty of games that are great for your brain exercise. These games are often called brain boosters/teasers/trainers and what they do is to make your brain exercise and improve its functionality in a fun and learning way. Listed down are some of the best brain boosters you should try if you are a mobile user.

Brain it On! (Android, iOS)

Brain it On! Is a physics-based game, which is not what as a player someone would expect of a mobile game. However, it is this unique take of the game that makes it top in the list that contains many other veterans in brain-boosting. The game is designed by Orbital Nine and has a minimalistic finish to it. All you need to do is draw a line and make the ball reach its destination. Simple as it may sound but the game is not even close to easy. It tests all your knowledge of basic physics and how you apply it in the game. At first, the game has some very simple levels to give you an idea about how the game works but soon you may find yourself scratching your head to get a three-star (the best possible solution to a problem) at higher levels.

Lumosity (Android, iOS)

Lumosity is probably the most well-known game on this list with over 95 million users worldwide. The game focuses on improving the players’ Brain Performance Index(BPI) by presenting an array of games to test your memory, speed, accuracy, calculation and word power. The game has been acclaimed by various editors and critics for its all-round design. The games provided by Lumosity are just perfect for someone who wants to train his/her brain to be even better in all fields as they do not just provide you with game results but also show the statistics of your improvement over the game.

Peak (Android, iOS)

Peak is a rather cool way of training your brain to be better. Why it is said so? Because each day the game invites you with a new set of games that focus on different goals. This new take of providing different games every day so that the player never gets bored is what makes the game ‘cool’. The plethora of games offered at Peak consists of memory improvement games, problem-solving games, speed testing games and creative games. To enjoy and learn from the game to its full potential you might need to pay a defined price, but before you that you can also try out some limited number of games from the gallery for free

Brain School (iOS)

The name of this game is delusive, as although the name has school at the end of it, the games you might find here are not just school level. However, the design of the game is based on a school. It takes you to a four years journey which has different games of different difficulty levels. All these years have games that force you to think, solve perplexing puzzles and calculate math problems. All these games are designed to make your brain squeeze the intelligence and attentiveness out of it, making it function smoothly. The only restriction that the game has for brain-boosting is that the game is only available for iOS users. Android users might have to wait a little longer to avail this game.

Brain Dots(Android, iOS)

Many of you might have heard of this cute looking game but for those of you haven’t, here is the description. Brain dots, as the name suggests, is a game which asks you to force your brain to find ways to make the dots meet. It is a physics-based puzzler which tests your thinking skills as well as your drawing skills. What captivates the player in this game is that many times the solutions are simpler than they seem and sometimes the problem looks simple but may take hours or even days if you are playing the game fairly. Since the solution to each puzzle can be easy or difficult depending on the way you think, a player never loses interest and keeps thinking for the solution. Note that the game also lets its players create their own levels for other players to play on giving one everyone creative liberty.

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