BOTIM Web Alternatives for Android

Botim web

The app was designed and released by an American technology company called Algento in August of 2017. The app currently has more than 50 million downloads, and has been rated 4.4 stars by more than 700K users on the Google Play store.

Botim web is a no-cost video and voice-calling app that is available on almost every platform, including android, iPhone, Windows, Mac and PC web-based versions.

1 Zoho Meeting

Zoho Meeting is the most popular web-based meeting software that is designed to facilitate collaboration in business and includes all of the tools that are essential to business. This all-in-one solution covers everything from simple interactive gatherings to large-scale, interactive webcasts. It is entirely browser-based software and does not require downloading an application to join meetings.

Botim web

With the aid of this app it is possible to host secure and reliable web-based meetings with any person in any location. Unlike most of the video and calling conference applications, this one allows you to invite and add new participants without limitations.

2 FileFlex

FileFlex access to Share Stream developed and published by Qnext. It is a powerful application that allows you to quickly and safely share, access and access. Stream vast collections of images, files videos, music movies, as well as any documents stored in your storage, regardless of the location they were stored and what they contain it is able to securely shares behind your firewall with no downloading cloud, uploading, or cloud.

The application comes with user-friendly interface. It allows remote access to and share the entirety of your content with no need to transfer your content to another location. File Flex app permits remote access to files from the source location and the location of the file could be stored on any cloud storage device or device.

3 Voxox CloudPhone

Voxox CloudPhone, also known as CloudPhone for Business is a business communication application that functions as a mobile business phone system you can carry around in the pocket of your bag. The app lets you make use of your mobile phone for managing your business answering and calling needs at any time, from any location.

Voxox app is accessible for use for Android as well as iOS devices. You are able to use it from all over the globe. It automatically responds to your calls and routes them using a professional, personal greeting and menu system, immediately showing the image of the business.

4 Airtime

Airtime Group Facetime YouTube is an online group video application that allows you to connect to YouTube live videos, TV and Sound Cloud. It is an all-inclusive social media platform that allows you to filter, share and manage your personal life.

This app offers you and your companions with an opportunity to unwind and be you. Airtime app is focused on you and your buddies listening to your favorite new music and watching your friends enjoy the traditional Vine mixtape how much do veterinarians make

5 VideoMeeting

VideoMeeting is an application for video calling that is high-quality and offers the easiest method of creating video conference calls using smartphones and tablets. It is all-encompassing software for video conferences that allows you to utilize both audio and video calling capabilities, as also sharing documents and files.

The application was developed and released by Orange SA, and you can download it for your Android smartphone only. One of the most attractive aspects of this app is that it allows you to look at spreadsheets documents, presentations, documents and other images shared at conferences.

6 GrandPad

GrandPad is an app that allows users to use social media, which keeps grandma, grandpa, and grandpa in their social media profiles as well as in their communication loop via video and voice calling, emailing, sharing images, videos and all kinds of other files. Through this application you’ll also be in a position to view the most recent updates from your family circle. It’s an easy and easy application. It’s all you have to do is download and install the app on your smartphone, then register an account with a GrandPad account by using an email address and then fill in all necessary information. After you’ve successfully signed in you’ll be able to access all features available in the application without restrictions.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this app is the possibility of connecting your social accounts to these platforms, and permits the posting of your posts to GrandPad whenever you upload new images as well as videos. The application has essential features that permit users to share unlimited images and videos, immediately look over all the files, share images and join the conversation through comments via phone, text or email, inviting new friends , and many more. Grand Pad app is an absolutely free social media messaging for families’ application that works with Android as well as iOS devices. It permits you to directly access your photos and videos.


HAKUNA Live Meet and Chat, a chat app that was developed and released through Move Fast Company for Android and iOS devices. It is an interactive live streaming application that allows users to meet and interact with strangers from all over the world. The app is designed specifically for guests, and offers the ability to easily locate people who are guests streaming to chat and chat with.

You can quickly and easily register as a guest streamer on Life and interact with hundreds of streamers and hosts. HAKUNA Live has millions of users around the world, and allows users to interact with their new acquaintances.

8 JusTalk Kids

JusTalk Kids JusTalk Kids Secure Video Chat and Messenger is a cost-free calling app for those who are worried about the security of their personal information relatives. The application is made with the most sophisticated security features and tools that ensure it is the safest and fastest calling solution.

Through the help of this program, it’s simple to make videos and voice calls with your kids, your family and even your best friends whenever you’d like to. It also is professional in its texting and phone calling application. The video tool has been designed for children and everyone who require a simple and secure phone application.

9 TelloTalk

TelloTalk is a Free Voice, Video Calls and Chatting application that comes with the most well-known Social Media tools as well as additional features. With the help of this app you are able to chat quickly and make connections with strangers in your region or nearby. Once you’ve found the right person you can exchange and receive messages through stickers, text or videos, and even places. It allows you to create audio and video messages.

The app gives you the full power to safeguard private messages, modify messages erase messages, and even use stickers in other messaging apps for chat. The app gives you all-in-one access to the most popular entertainment videos and includes a great recommendation system. You can also enjoy your most-loved videos right on the app.

10 KingsChat

Send and receive messages, as well as create HD calls and HD video free of charge. Kings Chat is an application for communicating designed for those who want to communicate with loved ones, or to talk to colleagues and friends. It is an all-inclusive social messenger application that provides alternatives to Facebook Messenger.

It comes with all the necessary functions and tools, such as the capability of sending and receiving messages through text messages, timeline stories and media and also to making voice and video calls, and many more. The app uses the internet connection of your phone to let you make calls or send messages to your loved ones across the globe at no cost.

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