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Bitcoin and Ether have gained 45% and 40% market capitalization respectively, since the start of 2023. These gains have shed a ray of positivity after a disastrous end to 2022. 

This also indicates that now is the right time to market your cryptocurrencies by partnering with a crypto marketing company

More importantly, the Federal Reserve has halted some of the monetary tightening policies, which further contributed to the recovery of the crypto market by restoring confidence to investors. 

In that sense, here’s what you should do to boost your crypto business’s market value with marketing. 

Factors That Make a Cryptocurrency Valuable to Investors 

For many reasons, investors have grown completely informed of which crypto assets to invest in after the market slump. They are actively looking for the most valuable projects, providing long-term gains in terms of investment. 

With a broad analysis of crypto investors, here are some of the factors that make potential crypto valuable to them: 

Online Presence 

Every crypto buyer/investor is going to conduct an in-depth overview of a project. This includes checking their website and social media profiles. These platforms allow them to get a greater insight into the project, along with the team behind it. Conversely, crypto coins without a website or active social presence are considered a scam. 


As discussed above, everyone is looking for a long-term investment-worthy coin. A strong and well-defined whitepaper for your cryptocurrency is essential to convey technical information concisely. Moreover, they would also want to see a roadmap that highlights the timeline of the project with the core vision. 


In large part, the success of a crypto project depends on its community. The size and loyalty of the community can ensure the continued success of a project. Hence, investors pay close attention to this factor. The market crash, in particular, has taught buyers to look beyond the hype of a coin, which would mask its actual utility and potential. And community stands tall as a fundamental selection factor. 

Trading Volume 

As per the market, cryptocurrencies with a high trade volume are more liquidate. This is particularly true when you look at coins with low trade volume because they are not sustainable enough to be bought and sold in the long run. 

Thus, investors will abandon coins with low trade volume. Businesses have the onus of selecting the ideal crypto exchange for their project and focus on gradually increasing the supply and demand to achieve a high to moderate trade volume. 

Max Supply 

Currently, investors are highly placing reference on the max supply of a coin. For understanding:  

The maximum supply of a coin is the total number of coins in existence. 

The total supply is the total number of coins that will be created. 

The circulating supply is the total number of coins in circulation. 

The scarcity of a crypto asset is calculated by looking at the total supply and circulating supply concerning the maximum supply. In the eyes of a crypto investor, when the total supply of a coin is higher than the coins in circulation, it creates a sense of scarcity by providing the predictability of supply. 

For example, Bitcoin, with a 21 million total supply is more valuable than Ethereum, with an infinite supply. Understanding this factor will make your cryptos more valuable to potential investors. 

How To Do Crypto Marketing? 

Crypto marketing can be described as the set of strategies employed to promote your cryptocurrency project to a target audience base. The most impactful crypto marketing strategies are: 

A Solid Website 

When you have a professional and attractive-looking website, you have a platform to showcase the various assets of your project in the best possible light. The website allows businesses to provide crucial information regarding the project, along with the roadmap and whitepaper. The website must have a near-smooth user interface to effortlessly guide the visitors toward the buying process. 

Social Media Presence 

Crypto projects with an active social presence are perceived as more trustworthy than others. It also enables businesses to share information with their audience. Twitter, Instagram, and Telegram are some platforms that you should focus on to build authority and drive organic investors. 

Community Building 

A growing community is equally important as any other marketing strategy. Businesses can utilize Discord or Reddit to create their community forms. Then, regularly engage with the community members to create a sense of integrity. Occasionally value their presence with rewards or other exciting perks to retain the created community. 

Make Use of Emails 

Email marketing is still an effective way to drive leads for a business. Crypto businesses have found a 63% increase in lead conversion after they implemented emails in their campaign. You can use emails in many different ways. Create a compelling email copy to hype up the audience. Then, leverage the database to create exposure for announcements. Using email campaigns can also do wonders for your reputation management. 

Paid Ads 

PPC campaigns are common for businesses looking to generate qualified leads. You have to make sure that the content reaches the right audience by filtering out the crypto population. There are also different formats of paid ads that you can experiment with. In addition to search engines, you can also run paid ad campaigns on social media platforms. 

Hire a Crypto Marketing Company Today 

The above-discussed strategies should be applied in the right way to achieve measurable results. A reputed crypto marketing company can lead your business in the right direction by providing the most effective strategies. 

Their experienced team will take care of all the processes right from ideation to execution. They can identify the best channels that will suit your business. 

More importantly, agencies are capable of aligning their services with your vision to ensure getting the most ideal and measurable outcomes possible. This places your business in the best position to grow and scale. 

By Anurag Rathod

Anurag Rathod, as a blogger he used to spread all about app-based business, startup solution, on-demand business tips and ideas and so on.