Books That Have Changed The World

Books That Have Changed World
Books That Have Changed World

From the time of written language, books have been playing a significant role in capturing human knowledge, sentiment and ingenuity. Books have therefore always been treasured by the human race. Books have this amazing power of transforming how we think and how we act and they can change entire societies for the better or the worst. In the time of movies and other forms of media, books are still as relevant if not more as a permanent source of concrete knowledge that can be accessed very easily and truly forms the basis of human understanding, from religion to entertainment and philosophy and all the sciences of the world combined, books have shaped us as humans. From the handwritten bibles by monks to the first printed papers by Guttenberg, here is taking a look at a few books that have shaped and changed history. We have decided to exclude religious books as they are already well known to have shaped society. 

1984 by George Orwell –

A cautionary dystopian novel caked in politics and philosophy, George Orwell’s novel helped humanity rethink control, rethink the idea of a government. Governments weren’t too happy about this novel telling out all its dirty tricks and this led to the book staying banned in many countries. The teaching this novel provides us is immeasurable about how simple words can become tools for power and tyranny to flourish and how in the worst of circumstances, one can dream, one can love and act upon it. 

Aesop’s Fables –

Written in the mid-6th century BC by a former slave, these fables have withstood time for being one of the oldest and best collections of tales on morality. The plots are simple enough for children to understand and countless generations have grown up reading this book and inculcating its morals.  Although initially intended for adult audiences because it dealt with issues that reflect society, it is now unquestionably being read out to children. The tales inculcate symbolism, anthropomorphism, lessons and humour in a great mix.  

The Analects by Confucious –

This book is a collection of conversations and teachings by the Chinese philosopher, poet and politician Confucius. Most of it was written around 500 BC by his students over a span of 50 years and is an embodiment of everything relevant in Confucianism. The Analects contain ethical philosophy and morals and social relationism. This book was far ahead of its time and has shaped countless generations lives in the teachings of Confucius. 

The Art of War by Sun Tzu –

Comprising of 13 chapters, this book has changed how human civilization sees war and peace. This book by the Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu is read all over the world not only for warfare by more so for a deep philosophical deep dive into the world of business. This book is timeless and metaphorically Sun Tzu’s teachings can be applied in every sphere of competition in life. 

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank –

I guess nothing more needs to be said about this book which has touched lives and hearts all over the world.  This book should not have existed in a better world but the fact that it does gives us a glimpse of the most violent and vicious acts humanly possible viewed from the eyes of the most innocent of minds. While history books can teach us a lot about numbers and how wars lead to great destruction in the form of numbers, books like this give us names behind those numbers and lives behind those names and how human cruelty can lead to the destruction of entire generations and ethnicities. 

These were a few of the books that still have an important impact on society and will probably continue to have an everlasting impact on the human experience.  And these books were possible through the beautiful art of writing and we at Orange publishers wholeheartedly support your act of writing and act of conveying yourself to the world and that is why being India’s most renowned self-publishing book house we would welcome you to come and join hands with us in publishing your masterpiece and maybe just maybe … will change society forever. 

META DESCRIPTION – Here’s taking a look at a few books that have changed our species. These books are special in their own rights and deserve all the reverence they command.

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