Bond Cleaning In Melbourne – 11 Essential Tools To Help You With It Right Now!

bond cleaning

If you are in the mood to perform bond cleaning in Melbourne on your own, you should be aware of a few easy tools that can make your life a lot simpler. These are very practical and essential for your move out cleaning, especially if you are doing it on your own. Maintaining a clean household, specifically for the purpose of getting your bond money back can be a little too overwhelming. But these tools can make it easier for you.

3 Must-Have Tools For Bond Back Cleaning For Every Household In Melbourne

1. Microfiber Cloth

This is a very intelligent addition to your cleaning supplies. Microfiber cloths are very effective when it comes to removing dust particles, loose debris, and also germs from your most used surfaces. These are very soft and effective when it comes to cleaning your light fixtures, switch boards, TV panels, windows, expensive tables, and practically every other hard surface inside your house.

2. High-Quality Sponge

The second most important thing to invest in is a good quality sponge. These are not at all abrasive and can remove the most stubborn stains from your household items. Whether it is your shower partition in your common washroom or your sink inside the pantry, you can clean every surface without any problem. Invest in a silicon back sponge that absorbs a lot of water and detergent. Make sure that you can squeeze it till it disappears in your fist.

3. A Dependable Vacuum Cleaner

The third most important household cleaning item that you should own is a standard yet solid vacuum cleaner. Make sure that it is lightweight and can reach the cobwebs in the corners of your ceilings. A strong vacuum cleaner can help you remove pet dander, pollen, dust, dirt, allergens, and a lot of pollutants from your house without damaging your upholstery, furniture pieces, carpets, and expensive showpieces as well.

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4. Scrub Brush

Your end of lease cleaning is going to remain incomplete without a scrub brush. Sometimes you have various surfaces and spots that are riddled with stubborn and oily stains. The only way to get them out is to use a scrub brush. These surfaces can be your tiles, grout, flooring, countertops, and also your window sills.

5. Broom And Dustbin

A set of broom, dustbin, and dustpan is going to do you a lot of good. If you have delicate and beautiful wooden flooring, this set is going to prevent it from getting any scratches or probable stains that a vacuum cleaner or harsh scrub pad is capable of living behind. This combination of cleaning tools is highly efficient and practical when it comes to removing loose dirt and abrasive contaminants from any surface across your house.

6. Spray Bottle

A spray bottle is very practical but you should make sure that you choose something made from recycled plastic so that you can minimise your carbon footprint significantly. Spray bottles also help you save a lot of water. You can easily spread your preferred detergent and water mix onto the surfaces that you want to clean with the help of a spray bottle. Then you can wipe off those surfaces with your efficient microfiber cloth. These bottles prove to be highly useful when it comes to cleaning your bathroom mirrors, shelves, shower partitions, toilet seats, sinks, and a lot of other areas such as your kitchen cabinets, table tops, countertops, cupboards, and many more spots inside your house.

7. Squeegee

If you haven’t included this in your shopping list, you have made a big mistake. The point is that you cannot perform an effective move out cleaning without a squeegee. A squeegee is going to take off even those stains that your trustee microfiber cloth might live behind at times. This is also quite an affordable tool that you should definitely invest in. It can help you get sparklingly clean windows and spotless doors within a matter of a few minutes.

8. Gloves

When you are using so many abrasive materials and detergents at the same time, the most intelligent way to protect your hands is to invest in the right set of gloves. When you choose to perform end of lease cleaning in your Melbourne house, it is important that you protect your hands from any kind of damage. You will come in contact with several soapy solutions, acidic cleaners, castile soap, and a lot of rough surfaces and textures as well. So yes, invest in the right gloves that give you enough grip and contact on your cleaning tools and protect your hands from any kind of chemical reactions and harsh substances.

9. Steam Cleaner

Team cleaners are very useful when you are trying to clean your glass surfaces and also your carpets and expensive rugs. They are quite handy and lightweight as well. If you do not want to buy a set, you can always rent it for a day or two. Steam cleaners help you sanitize the house and remove all kinds of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and even mould and mildew from your property quite easily.

10. Magic Eraser

A magic eraser is exactly what the name says. Some of the most dependable and well-known bond cleaning professionals in Melbourne would suggest you invest in a magic eraser because of the simplicity and convenience that it brings into your life. You are better off keeping a stack of these cleaning tools inside your house. They are easy to use and all you need is a little bit of water to activate them. They are skin-friendly as well and allow you to clean your sink, grout, floors, toilet bowls, and a lot of other surfaces quite easily.

11. Dusting Kit

Last, but not least is a dusting kit that you should never forget. You will have a lot of surfaces across your home that attract several kinds of dirt and pollutants. You can improve your indoor air quality by using a dusting kit to remove all kinds of allergens, pollen, pet dander, and several other pollutants from these surfaces.


These tools are going to make move out cleaning not just easy but a lot of fun for you. You will be able to get your bond money back within practically no time. Your landlord is going to have just one look at the house and he will hand over the deposit to you without any deductions. Just make sure to follow this list and you will be good to go. Happy cleaning!