Why Most Blogs Fail : Is Blogging Dead In 2020?

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How Most People Become Part Of Blogging:

Today I want to talk about how and why most people come to blogging not knowing what they are getting in to and fail. In the end this article is supposed to help you get better in blogging and avoid these common things. This article is not supposed to demotivate other bloggers. I am writing this to help you get better in this field and avoid doing these mistakes so that you can standout from others.

Why Most Blogs Fail : Is Blogging Dead in 2020?

1.Not enjoying what they arewriting about:

Most of the people will join the blogging world by watching a video or from a friends advice who is successful here and they would either start writing on what others do, or they would write on the most common things in the world such as tech, fitness, etc. People would simply copy others content like tech reviews and publish them on their blog. But what they don’t understand is that there are lots of other big companies doing the same thing and ranking on google such as techradar, phonearena, etc for the tech field. Why would google want to rank your site if there is already a big company who is getting thousands if not millions of views daily and making a bucket full of dollars every day. What is the special thing that your site is providing others. If you really want to stand out from others, there is only one way and that is marketing. You can write a thousand posts daily but you won’t see any traffic because no one knows who you are or even if you exist. These days there are thousands of blogs that are ranking on google. So how can you stand out? do better SEO? well SEO can definitely help you get free traffic but even doing SEO has become very hard as all the other blogs are also doing the same thing, so you are not doing anything unique right? I would suggest by writing on what you truly are passionate about and investing more in marketing of your site. Use facebook ads to derive traffic to your blog and collect emails by adding a subscribe button or pop up in your blog so that all those people who came to your site through ads will come to you again if you send them an email which tells them about your new article. So if you ad a subscribe button, you can send a message to your audience about the new post and you don’t even have to o it all your self I understand how it feels to send emails to 1000 different people. Instead use automate tools like feeburner which will automatically send your new article to the people who have subscribed to your blog. In this way you will get a lot of audience an then possibly you can also rank higher on google.

2. Personal Blogs :

A lot of people simply come to blogging and write articles related to their lifestyle and not helping others. They would work so hard on their blog but won’t see any traffic. Well her’s the answer. Nobody cares about who are you and what are your problems. Times have changed, personal blogs used to be good many years ago, but now the internet is a place where people only come to solve problems. Entertainment an lifestyle has move to social media. Youtube, facebook, instagram are mostly for entertainment and lifestyle content. Starting a personal blog in 2020 is like haaving a shop in the middle of a desert where no one will come to you because they don’t know you. However, if you are a very famous youtuber or a celebrity then sure you can start a blog because you already have the audience that likes your lifestyle.

Why Most Blogs Fail : Is Blogging Dead in 2020?

So I woul suggest all of you to solve problems because people only going to buy something if you are soling their problem. If you are good in cooking then start a blog  related to that, do good SEO and then invest some bucks in marketing your recipes and tips. Then you can easily stand out in the crowd! If your going to get the most of blogging, then you need to sove others problems.

3. Expecting To get Money on Trees:

Almost all of the bloggers who make their first website are not patient or consistent and they expect to become a millionaire overnight and they tell their friends and family that they are super rich from now on. But after a couple days they get a lot disappointed and demotivated as they are getting no visitors and eventually end up shutting own their website, thinking all of this is fake nobody can make money online and that stuff. What they don’t understand is that there are more than a thousand blogs being published every single day, how can you expect to stand out from them huh? its funny that how id they even think of being rich by simply making a blog and not oing anything to it.

If you want to start a blog, its not just about writing on it and making money, there are a lot of things that you have to do. Some of them are SEO, Paid Marketing, Collecting emails, Social Meia marketing etc. So make sure to write good content and follow all the steps I mentioned then if you don’t find success then you can come talk to me.   

4. Monetizing Without any Traffic:


Many people might have told you that once you are qualified for google adsense then boom you will be rich and make thousands of dollars, but those people don’t know what they are talking about because any blog literally any website that has a couple of posts and not violates any adsense requirements can get qualified for placing ads. This also means that a blog with 0 traffic can get qualified for adsense, so would they start making instant money? No, because how will they make money without any traffic? hmm now I think you shold share this article to that person who told you that you only need to get adsense approval. Its almost like begging for money on an empty road with no people.

I recommend monetizing your blog when you start to see at least 800-1000 organic traffic daily, so in this way at least you will make something and try to put as less annoying ads as you can because you on’t want to piss off the new viewers that you are getting by a pop up ad which say get a VPN or something. Use less annoying ads like the sidebar ads or maybe ads in between posts and do not put ads or the ones that can harm mobile devices or lead to a spam because then your viewers will get a negative impact on your site. So try not to do that.

5. Not Using Social Media For Traffic:

social media

So guys now that you have created your first blog, its time to get traffic on it. You can start to see about 50-100 views per day if you start a new blog and not share it with others but o you know that you can almost double that amount by using the power of social media? im not talking about paid ads or spamming your link in all the facebook groups that you see. Im talking about deriving genuine pure traffic by creating a facebook or instagram. I recommend instagram more because you can use hashtags to get pure traffic. Once you make your first instagram page, I want you to publish at least 5-10 posts right after you create the page and write a good description of what your website is related to and when you follow other people or someone else follows you your page will look professional and not empty so in this way people will want to come to your website by clicking the link in bio. Using hashtags is another great thing to get organing instagram traffic because even if you don’t follow anyone and you are using relative hashtags related to your post, then it will be showed to other people who follow those hashtags so in this way you can increase traffic of your blog.

I’m not saying that you will get thousands of traffic right after you make an instagram page. It will take time to grow obviously but as it grows, your website traffic will also start to grow.


Now that I have given you five tips to improve your blogging and get better, here a last bonus for you since you have read all of them .

Email Marketing (free). By this I mean collecting emails of your audience. You can increase a ton of traffic if you ask your viewers to subscribe to your site so that they know when you upload content. Whenever someone gives you an email, you can simple send them an email whenever you write a new post, in this way you will build a proper audience who would come o your site. Please do not email them again and again whenever you write content because this can seriously annoy your followers and they will end up unsubscribing to you. What I’d suggest is that you send them an emaul once every week so in thi way you are not annoying them and are still getting traffic. You can also use automated tools lie feedburner, they will automatically send an emmail to your subscribers whenever you write a new post. So this will definately help you.

So that is it guys I hope you liked this article and learnt a few things, please make sure to implement them on your blog as well and if possible subscribe to us so that you can get notified whenever I post a helpful article. If you got any good result from our tips please feel free to comment below I’d love to reply to you and solve more problems!

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