Do’s and Don’ts of blogger outreach which every marketer should know

blogger outreach

Blogger outreach is actually a critical part of digital marketing. It’s an opportunity that connects with large audiences who want to buy your product or service. Thus definitely it’s an amazing way to boost sales and get new traffic. It’s good if readers trust good bloggers that’s why their seal of approval is incredibly valuable.

First and foremost, talking to bloggers is definitely not rocket science. However, it may go terribly wrong. As bloggers aren’t journalists or employees. They are also independent souls who by their blogs have kept their readers interested, amused, and engaged. 

They don’t like to get controlled or deceived, and also they don’t like to waste their time. But if this is removed then it will get you into trouble. Hence, you must also take the help of premium guest blogging services in London UK. 

So here below are some dos and don’ts for blogger outreach as follows;


-Be on-brand

Just like brands, there is a wide range of variety of bloggers that a blog outreach service works with. Firstly, it’s important to target the right audience. So that it will be helpful to choose the right blogger for your collaboration and brand. However, make sure that the content of the campaign is in line. 

It also should have a message of brand marketing and philosophy. This is necessary when it comes down to brand values. This could be a mismatch with those of the influencer.

-Build relationships

A Seo guest post service provider works with bloggers to achieve a long-term relationship. It’s very important to get to know each other ideally as a person. This will help to understand what the expectations are from both sides. Once you’ve found the right blogger that represents the brand and understands the brand values, you should stay with that. 

It’s because it makes it easier and more cost-efficient to maintain a good relationship. Otherwise, you need to search and outreach to new bloggers. Thus it will be very time-consuming also you are looking for influencers that are both on-brand and willing to work to your budget.

-Set deadlines

According to guest post outreach service London UK, it is very necessary to set deadlines to avoid disappointment. So to prevent planning in too much detail if the scheduled deadline can’t be met then it’s better to put an expected date for the blog post that appears in one of the first outreach-emails. 

More importantly, when it comes to campaigns where many bloggers are involved or if cross-referring to multiple blogs is involved, the only key is communication and good planning.



Qualitative outreach can be time-consuming. It will be even costly also. Thus, it is important to maintain contact with bloggers who are a good match for the brand. This makes it easy to work with them. The best guest post agency also looks for other different options and varieties. But it is important to keep in touch with bloggers you’ve worked with before. As you will get to know quickly that they know the brand’s expectations. They also know the work procedure that makes every new collaboration easier than the last.


There will be high numbers of followers on social channels. This will help to reach a large audience. But, don’t be blindfolded by a high number of followers on social media. The reason is that it’s not necessarily an indicator of quality content. Blogger outreach agency makes sure to check each blog’s DA and also ensure that there isn’t any spammy content.


Basically, it’s important to set an aim in making the collaboration as smooth as possible. Thus, to make it easier it’s better to understand what the campaign is all about. Don’t overload your emails with unnecessary information. Focus on the key data to assure that the essential information doesn’t get missed at all.

Ending note

The above points can help you out in a great way after consulting with the blogger outreach services. This is because you may know a few things but to avoid mistakes expert help is not a bad choice. 

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