How to Convert your Blog Posts into 4 Different Pieces for Social Media?

Convert blog posts

Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + LinkedIn + YouTube + Pinterest + Tiktok + Slideshare + many many more.

Snapchat still remaining. Can you tell me the exact number of social media platforms existing today?  


I also can’t. So, how can you expect your one piece of content to go viral on all the social media platforms? 

The requirements of Instagram is different than that of Facebook and Twitter. Like Instagram is meant for powerful pictures and captions while Twitter is best for short content. Similarly, the content for each platform demands customization. 

Here are the top 4 ideas to customize your blog post for every platform. 

Now, let’s suppose that you write a quality and research-driven blog post for your website. What if I tell you that you can break your blog posts into 10 pieces of content for other platforms?  

Yes, it’s possible. Scroll below to find the how.

1.For Youtube and IGTV

A blog can be converted into a carousel, slides for Facebook and the best is video. As Youtube and IGTV have become the best source for content marketing so your blog can do wonders as a video especially if your blog is about educating the readers. It’s not necessary that you convert the whole blog, you can pick any of the three important points and create a short video.  

Instead of adding music in the background, you can add captions to your video so people can understand it without the sound. This tactic will give you the content for the video marketing platforms.

2.For Pinterest

Pinterest is all about sharing stats and data through visuals. The visual format grabs the attention and persuades them to read the content. It’s best for sharing tips and tricks for your Toronto web design company, real estate websites or home decor and designing.

Pinterest sends great traffic to your website if you get successful in designing it creatively. Apart from the tips, it’s a great tool for teaching your audience and gaining the engagements. The only thing you need to do is to pick the stats and important information and convert it into visual designs in the form of an infographic.  

3.For Instagram

Give a loud read to your blog post and pick the best lines from it. The lines that will make the audience read your blog post. You can also pick the images if you have used it in your blog. Since images are best for Instagram so it can also send traffic to your website. But remember that you should use the specific hashtags because without it our post won’t get noticed.

Another great thing is the storytelling feature on Instagram which raises the curiosity in your audience to know more about you. The powerful emoji’s acts as the cherry on the cake. Some emoji’s are also great to lifts up the mood and raise emotions in your audience. This is the third method of converting your blog post on an Instagram photo with a caption that converts. Don’t forget to mention the blog link in your IG profile or else people will be left with no link to read your blog.

4.For SlideShare and Facebook

You can also convert your blog post into a PowerPoint presentation and make it a customized content for Slideshare and for Facebook. Since Facebook allows you to upload multimedia so by choosing the multimedia option, you can upload the slides and make it like a carousel. Remember, your blog post need to be in sequence so when you’re taking the screenshots, ensure that the customers are getting the meaning while seeing it.

By converting your blog posts into slides, you’ll get the content for your Slideshare, Facebook posts and even Instagram. 

Final Thoughts

The key to learning here is customization. Write a blog post once a week and convert it into a hundred creative ways to grow your social media followers. If you’re a content marketer and want to make money online then you must work on growing your social media followers first. Once you have it, you’ll open many doors to opportunities. The more good content you create, the better ROI you’ll get for your business or digital marketing agency.

On the contrary, if you don’t keep your social media platforms updated with new content every day, your reach will gradually cut down and you’ll get far from reaching your objective.   

If you like my idea of converting your blog post into 4 different pieces of content, let me know in the comments below.  

In my next blog, I’ll teach more about converting your content for different social media platforms so you can stay on top of your social following. 

I have only shared four ways, you can get more creative with your content as there are many ways to make your blog successful. 

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